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October 23, 2018

Firefighting the Coerco and Davey Way - Video Interview

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Coerco uses Davey Fire Fighter Pumps on all of our Standard firefighter units for reasons that all boil down to one thing: Davey puts value in supporting farmers. So do we.The value of hard work and dedication to clients are qualities that are integral to the journey of becoming a trusted brand. In our support of farmers, we only want the best pumps around for your firefighting units. 

Coerco Firefighting Units + Davey Firefighting Pumps: A Winning Combo

We took the opportunity to catch up with Davey’s Adam Fairess to discuss the strength of their pumps. These qualities, coupled with our trailblazing fire fighting units, produce a winning combination. Below are a number of reasons why. 


1. Davey
fire fighter pumps are Australian-made with Australian support networks, a trusted brand that can be well-depended on for backup service and spare parts wherever you are in Australia.

We're well-recognised for our sales and support of Australian-made products. We pride ourselves on having dealership and dealer networks throughout Australia in all major towns. – Adam Fairess, Davey


2. Davey firefighter pumps stand out from all other pumps. When you are facing the prospect of a bushfire coming towards you, it's essential you have firefighting equipment with a pump that won't fail you just when you need it the most. 

The Davey Firefighter's the number one selling fire pump in Australia. It's Australian-designed. It's Australian-made for our tough environmental conditions. We've got over 30 model variants in our range. We partner with renowned engine manufacturers such as Honda Australia, Briggs and Stratton, Yanmar, to give the customers the dependability that they're needing, so that it starts first time, every time.

Davey sets high standards, something that fits in with what we do at Coerco as we ensure to produce high-quality and reliable world-class poly products.

Davey Firefighters are designed to comply with stringent environmental regulations. Some competitors' pumps . . . from alternate countries of origin don't even meet their own EPA regulations. China's one of them. Not only does the Davey Firefighters meet those requirements, it actually exceeds the newly-proposed regulations soon to come in.

On the difference between Davey's Single Impeller and Twin Impeller Pumps

The Single Impeller Firefighter's traditionally used when you're needing more water flow. The Twin Impeller Firefighters are more focused on pressure requirements. So where you may use a Single Impeller Firefighter for water transfer . . . dam to dam or drought protection. Your firefighting applications, you would usually tend to swing to the Twin Impeller. Maybe not necessarily getting quite as much water flow, but certainly the pressure requirements, even if you're transferring over longer distances of pipework.

All Coerco Firefighting units come standard with Twin Impeller pumps. 

Coerco Fire Fighting Units: Useful All Year Round


Don't just take our word for it. We’ll let Adam tell you about Coerco firefighter units and their various applications. 

It is very portable. Can fit on the back of the utes, back of ATV. Very useful for water transfer or firefighting applications, all year round. With the model variants of the Viton seals, seal kits can also be used in agriculture with spraying applications. It really is the workhorse for Australian rural areas and regional areas.


So what's the most important thing during fire season? 

Probably the most important thing ahead of the fire season is preparation. Make sure your equipment's well-serviced. That includes using fresh oil, fresh fuel in the equipment, and also making sure that the people in the family, people around the property are aware of the fire action plan actually is. Probably going ahead of that fire season, preparation would be key.  Adam Fairess, Davey

With the dedication that Davey put into their pumps, the commitment that we, at Coerco, put into our firefighting units plus your staunch resolve to safeguard your family, property and community, we will have the means to fight the ongoing threat of fire.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 21, 2017 and has been revamped and updated for the purpose of accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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