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March 5, 2019

Pre-Releasing a Brand-New Product from Our Liquid Transport Tank Range

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The new 17,000 litre liquid transport tank from Coerco


Coerco proudly announces the addition of another dependable liquid fertiliser transport tank in our range of highly-endorsed liquid fertiliser storage and transport solutions. Due to popular demand, we have responded to requests from our hardworking broadacre farmers to develop a 17,000 litre liquid cartage tank suitable for everyone’s crop seeding and crop spraying operations.


Designed to complement your self-propelled crop sprayer and liquid transport tank set-up, the new 17,000-litre liquid cartage tank is a dependable and secure product able to meet the rigorous demands of your field operations while maximising length of service - a quality combo made possible through our years of experience in developing innovative products that work.


Features of the NEW liquid fertiliser transport tank

Capacity - 17,000 litres (3,740 Gallons)

Length (mm) - 4450

Width (mm) - 2300

Height (mm) - 2350


The brand new 17,000-litre, free standing liquid cartage tank is a design-approved, rotomolded, and UV stabilised cartage tank that is impact resistant and highly impervious to chemicals.


Coerco's brand new 17,000 litre liquid transport tank-1 


We will be officially launching this brand-new product in approximately 6 weeks, but you can go right ahead and pre-order from us today.

Secure one now before the waiting list gets longer!

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