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5,000 Litre Diesel Storage Tank


  • Complies to Australian Standards AS1940:2017 with approved bund
  • Anti-Splash and Anti-Static fill line
  • High Quality Diesel Grade Material
  • UV Resistant for Australian Conditions
  • Easy to Install and Easy to Relocate if Required
  • Comes Standard with 2” low level outlet with butterfly valve tap and camlock.
  • Earth Strap


  • Quality Italian Made Pumps (12, 24 and 240 volt options)
  • Lockable Pump Cabinet to secure pump and nozzle.
  • 3 Digit Flow Meter
  • Auto Shut-Off Nozzle

Technical Specification


Product Code DDS5000

Capacity 5000 Litres ( Gallons)

Length (mm) - 1730

Width (mm) - 1050

Height (mm) - 1030

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Technical Specifications

Product Code DDS5000

Capacity DDS5000 5000 Litres ( Gallons)

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