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12,500 Litre Liquid Fertiliser Sump Drain Spray Tank With Skid


  • Special ‘FNS’ series range manufactured for transport of liquid fertilisers and chemicals with heavier SG ratings.
  • Strength through ingenuity of design
  • Durable, impact resistant, UV stabilised polyethylene for long life
  • Easy to read calibrations
  • Sight tube for easy view of content volume (3,000 litres and larger)
  • Stainless steel lid and Strainer Basket supplied with all fertiliser spray tanks
  • One outlet supplied with tank, quantity and sizes optional
  • Spill containment lip surrounds lid
  • Large range of sizes to satisfy every requirement
  • Smooth interior and integral sump model enables complete evacuation and decontamination of tank making chemical changes easier
  • Available with robust galvanised steel mounting frame for protection of tank and ease of installation
  • Mounting pins for secure fastening supplied as standard. Extra mounting pins available
  • Optional Ball Baffle System® available
  • Integrated Draining Sump
  • Poly Fittings for Easy Connection

Technical Specification


Product Code FNS12500S

Capacity 12500 Litres ( Gallons)

Length (mm) - 4000

Width (mm) - 2200

Height (mm) - 2550

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Technical Specifications

Product Code FNS12500S

Capacity FNS12500S 12500 Litres ( Gallons)

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