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COERCO have the largest range of poly livestock products in Western Australia. Whether your priority is efficiency, value-for-money, durability, ease-of-use or all of the above, our products and excellent customer service tick all the right boxes!

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All COERCO poly products are manufactured using one-piece moulding. This ensures that they are exceptionally strong, durable and reliable, with no joins or weak points in their construction.

Whatever your livestock, whether you’re a large-scale dairy farmer or just have few animals on your smallholding, our feeders and drinkers are suitable for your needs.

Our poly feed and water troughs are:

  • Lightweight, making them easy to move and relocate
  • Simple and quick to clean, thanks to their smooth finish
  • Durable and solid, with peg down points or optional water-filled bases to ensure they stay in place whatever the weather
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit all applications.

Our full range includes water troughs for livestock, sheep troughs, horse troughs, cattle troughs and more. All COERCO products are designed to withstand years of use in harsh conditions, keeping your animals happy and well-fed at all times.

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