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Coerco's Warranty Promise


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At Coerco, we know that success involves much more than a superior product. It requires a deep awareness and understanding of the needs and desires of the people within the target markets we work with.

We realise that durability and reliability are important and that forces of nature and passage of time must be factored in during development and manufacturing. Listening to what you want has enabled us to engineer and create products using industry-leading technology, uncompromising quality and unsurpassed performance.

At Coerco we stand behind our products. We believe that our reputation is built on the long-term satisfaction of our customers and know that a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Because of this we strive to give everyone the prompt and courteous service they deserve.

Coerco has set the standard of excellence in poly product performance. There is an inherent sense of commitment to quality in all that we do, thereby guaranteeing durability and reliability with every product we make.

Since 2008 Coerco has been certified to global standard ISO9001. We inspect our products throughout the manufacturing process including a final inspection before they leave our premises, and we conduct regular audits and reviews to identify and correct any issues.

It wasn’t just a product transaction when you decided to buy a Coerco product, most importantly you bought peace of mind. It’s a decision for which you will be thankful for many years.

You will soon discover how your Coerco product is designed and built to perform and in the unlikely event that it doesn’t, we will make it right. Be assured that Coerco has your back.

Thank you for choosing Coerco, we appreciate having you as a valued customer.

Our Promise

Attention to detail and developing poly products that go the distance is a promise we make to every customer. To back this commitment, Coerco takes every measure possible to make sure you are getting the very best. 

We conduct regular feedback surveys with our customers to help us further understand how we can serve you better. We also involve independent certification and regulation bodies to audit and assess our practices, processes and products which guarantees conformance to applicable certifications and standards of quality.

Product Registration

It is important you complete the registering of your newly purchased Coerco product with us as soon as you can after receiving it. You can do this with the Product Warranty Registration form at end of this document or visit Product Warranty Registration Form here.

This process puts your product onto our warranty record database and allows us to send you any important information regarding product care and maintenance and any recall details should they ever become necessary.

Please contact us on 1800 646 277 or email to warranty@coerco.com.au if you have any questions or you need help completing this process.


The following list contains information outlining the length of warranty given for each product group. You may have purchased products from different groups which can have different lengths of cover so please check carefully.

Your warranty gives you guaranteed manufacturer support of your product purchase for the period stated. This means that the product is warranted against defect or fault caused by poor workmanship or inferior quality. Deliberate misuse, negligence, abuse or failure to install, use and maintain the product in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations will render this offer of guaranteed warranty null and void.

Coerco will repair or replace (at its discretion) the product affected as soon as possible within reasonable terms & conditions to facilitate the least possible inconvenience to you. Depending on the product concerned and the type of warranty claim this time may vary although we promise to keep regular and open communication throughout the process.

If the product has been manufactured by someone other than Coerco such as an engine or pump this is subject to the warranty and conditions of the concerned product’s manufacturer.

Overall 100% customer satisfaction is our highest goal and desired outcome so we strive to eliminate the need for you to have to claim warranty support by creating and delivering great products to you. In the unlikely/unfortunate that you may have to make a warranty claim we will work overtime on effort and service to ‘get it right’ and ensure your complete satisfaction in our dealings.

Warranty Period