Take charge before fire becomes unstoppable on your farm.

Manufactured & designed by Rural Aussies for Rural Aussies,
Coerco firefighting equipment helps safeguard your investments so you can stay in business.


Coerco — Reliability in an unpredictable world

Coerco — Reliability in an unpredictable world

Electrical faults, fuel leaks, overheated machines, lightning, and more are just waiting around the corner to spark a flame and become a full-blown fire.

For your peace of mind, we make sure we only sell quality firefighting equipment that are primed to help you protect lives and your business.

  • Coerco firefighting units are built in our in-house processing facility, complete with full quality control processes to match your requirements and budget.
  • Our firefighting water tanks and hose reels are constructed from tough and durable UV resistant and lightweight polyethylene, ideal for quick response.
  • Equipped with a genuine Honda GX series engine and Aussie Fire Chief pump with a 5-year pump end warranty while staying portable.
  • Easy to use, baffled for stability.
  • Range of sizes and models available fit for rural applications.
    Choose between multipurpose skid mount, compact, or trailed firefighting equipment.

Protect lives. Stay in business.

Make a portable firefighting equipment part of your plan for emergency response today.

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4 Questions Every Farmer Asks About Firefighting Units.


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Can you afford to take the risk of not having fire-fighting equipment on your property? Even the smallest spark can quickly escalate to become a major disaster.

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Bradyn Wallis

Divisional Manager


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