engineered poly products

Engineered Poly Products

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Leon Sharman

Sharman Farms,
Cadoux, WA

"It makes life of easy when filling up machinery"

Ashley Jones

Nungarin, WA

"The guys at Coerco are very good! If you are talking with them, you are dealing with like-minded poeple."

Murray McDonald

Kellerberrin, WA

"I was even surprised how thick the tank wall was!"

Tim Barndon

Kulin, WA

"Robust and simple design. Genuine Honda engine on the pump..."

Sam Davies

Western Rural Earthmoving,
Dalwallinu, WA

"They're just so easy to use!"

David Hall

New Norcia, WA

"The poly troughs of mine have lasted a long time!"

Kevin Lansdell

Kareem Farms,
Popanyinning, WA

"I Definitely recommend this good product! Quick fill, quick emptying!"

Noel Mills

Wenballa Farms,
Dalwallinu, WA

"They are Australia - wide business and going very, very well ..."