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1,000 Litre Baffled Free Standing Diesel Transport Tank With Skid


  • Baffled for vastly improved vehicle stability*
  • Flat based to allow transport flexibility
  • Special grade polyethylene for diesel - coloured to denote “Diesel Only”
  • UV stabilised for long outdoor life
  • Mounting pins available
  • Optional Ball Baffle System® available
  • All models available with forkliftable galvanised mounting skid
  • 2” filler hole with cap, 2” drum pump access fitting and splash resistant vent
  • Calibrated for easy checking of content volume with optional sight tube available

Technical Specification


Product Code DT1000FS

Capacity 1000 Litres ( Gallons)

Length (mm) - 1355

Width (mm) - 1210

Height (mm) - 960

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Technical Specifications

Product Code DT1000FS

Capacity DT1000FS 1000 Litres ( Gallons)

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