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COERCO compact firefighters are the most popular fire fighting unit in Australia, providing serious backup and security in the event of an unwanted fire disaster while remaining the smallest footprint fire fighter units on the market. It's no wonder that Aussie landholders don't want anything else!


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Compact Fire Fighter Units

The COERCO Compact Fire Fighter Units are designed to take up minimal space on your Ute tray back or trailer without sacrificing optimum performance! These units are very popular with all types of customers in all types of situations!

The framework is galvanised to prevent any rust. Standard engines are genuine Hondaยฎ GX series coupled to Aussie Fire Chief pumps with a 5-year pump end warranty for proven reliability.

Tank and hose reels are constructed from tough durable UV resistant polyethylene, with the tanks design providing an in-built baffle for good stability factor whilst the unit is in action. Suction port set ups are designed for quick change coupling on all units, allowing you the option to fill from tanks and dams etc, in emergency situations.

These units are all competitively priced and with a timely free delivery to your local key distributor. You now have every reason to contact us today!


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