engineered poly products

Engineered Poly Products

Leach Drain Systems

COERCO leach drain systems are designed to integrate efficiently with our septic tank units although can be utilised in any waste water situation requirement that requires a leaching system.

Manufactured from strong light weight polypropylene they are an easy to install and cost effective solution for effluent waste issues.They come securely flat packed for easy and efficient logistics and can be delivered throughout Australia.

The systems are very flexible with a range of configurations for every individual requirement and designed to meet strict industry regulations and standards.

Product Code Description

5.00Mtr (Includes 22 Large Panels, 21 Small Panels & Geocloth 6.0M X 2M)


5.72Mtr (Includes 25 Large Panels, 24 Small Panels & Geocloth 7.0M X 2M)


6.43Mtr (Includes 28 Large Panels, 27 Small Panels & Geocloth 7.5M X 2M)


7.86Mtr (Includes 34 Large Panels, 33 Small Panels & Geocloth 9.0M X 2M)


8.58Mtr (Includes 37 Large Panels, 36 Small Panels & Geocloth 10M X 2M)


9.30Mtr (Includes 40 Large Panels, 39 Small Panels & Geocloth 10.5M X 2M)


10.00Mtr (Includes 43 Large Panels, 42 Small Panels & Geocloth 11M X 2M)


11.44Mtr (Includes 49 Large Panels, 48 Small Panels & Geocloth 12.5M X 2M)


12.87Mtr (Includes 55 Large Panels, 54 Small Panels & Geocloth 14.0M X 2M)


13.58Mtr (Includes 58 Large Panels, 57 Small Panels & Geocloth 15.0M X 2M)


14.30Mtr (Includes 61 Large Panels, 60 Small Panels & Geocloth 15.5M X 2M)


15.01Mtr (Includes 64 Large Panels, 63 Small Panels & Geocloth 16.0M X 2M)


15.73Mtr (Includes 67 Large Panels, 66 Small Panels & Geocloth 17.0M X 2M)


16.44Mtr (Includes 70 Large Panels, 69 Small Panels & Geocloth 17.5M X 2M)


17.16Mtr (Includes 73 Large Panels, 72 Small Panels & Geocloth 18.5M X 2M)


17.87Mtr (Includes 76 Large Panels, 75 Small Panels & Geocloth 19.0M X 2M)


18.59Mtr (Includes 79 Large Panels, 78 Small Panels & Geocloth 20.0M X 2M)


19.30Mtr (Includes 82 Large Panels, 81 Small Panels & Geocloth 20.5M X 2M)


20.02Mtr (Includes 85 Large Panels, 84 Small Panels & Geocloth 21.0M X 2M)


20.73Mtr (Includes 88 Large Panels, 87 Small Panels & Geocloth 22.0M X 2M)


21.45Mtr (Includes 91 Large Panels, 90 Small Panels & Geocloth 22.5M X 2M)


22.16Mtr (Includes 94 Large Panels, 93 Small Panels & Geocloth 23.5M X 2M)


22.88Mtr (Includes 97 Large Panels, 96 Small Panels & Geocloth 24M X 2M)


23.59Mtr (Includes 100 Large Panels, 99 Small Panels & Geocloth 25.0M X 2M)


24.31Mtr (Includes 103 Large Panels, 102 Small Panels & Geocloth 25.5M X 2M)


25.02Mtr (Includes 106 Large Panels, 105 Small Panels & Geocloth 26.0M X 2M)


25.74Mtr (Includes 109 Large Panels, 108 Small Panels & Geocloth 27.0M X 2M)


26.45Mtr (Includes 112 Large Panels, 111 Small Panels & Geocloth 27.5M X 2M)


27.17Mtr (Includes 115 Large Panels, 114 Small Panels & Geocloth 28.5M X 2M)


27.88Mtr (Includes 118 Large Panels, 117 Small Panels & Geocloth 29.0M X 2M)


28.60Mtr (Includes 121 Large Panels, 120 Small Panels & Geocloth 30.0M X 2M)


29.31Mtr (Includes 124 Large Panels, 123 Small Panels & Geocloth 30.5M X 2M)


30.03Mtr (Includes 127 Large Panels, 126 Small Panels & Geocloth 31.0M X 2M)


30.74Mtr (Includes 130 Large Panels, 129 Small Panels & Geocloth 32.0M X 2M)


31.46Mtr (Includes 133 Large Panels, 132 Small Panels & Geocloth 32.5M X 2M)


32.17Mtr (Includes 136 Large Panels, 135 Small Panels & Geocloth 33.5M X 2M)


32.89Mtr (Includes 139 Large Panels, 138 Small Panels & Geocloth 34.0M X 2M)


33.60Mtr (Includes 142 Large Panels, 141 Small Panels & Geocloth 35.0M X 2M)


34.32Mtr (Includes 145 Large Panels, 144 Small Panels & Geocloth 35.5M X 2M)


35.03Mtr (Includes 148 Large Panels, 147 Small Panels & Geocloth 36.0M X 2M)


35.75Mtr (Includes 151 Large Panels, 150 Small Panels & Geocloth 37.0M X 2M)


Leach Drain Cell (3 X Large And 3 X Small Panels) - 715 (L) X 400 (W) X 440 (H) Mm


Leach Drain Cell (4 X Large And 3 X Small Panels) - 715 (L) X 400 (W) X 420 (H) Mm

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" We have been very happy with the polyethylene septic tanks provided by Coerco, and we now use these as standard on all our new homes. Previously we used concrete tanks which were much heavier and needed machinery to lift them. We generally needed two concrete tanks compared to the one poly tank with a baffle which we now use as standard. This means we can install them faster, with less work, and less digging. We find the sales staff at Coerco to be very helpful, knowledgeable, quick to act, and professional in every respect. I would certainly recommend Coerco as a company. "

Andrew Sharpe - Stallion Homes, Northam, WA

" As an agent for Coerco they are so easy to deal with making it even easier for the customers. Nothing is an issue for them. "

Craig Bassett - Elders Ltd, Geraldton, WA

" Fantastic Experience. The service was 10 out of 10, and the process was seamless from quote through to delivery. Was even more impressed after getting an after sales follow up call to make sure I was happy. "

Darren Tindal , Albany, WA

" Prompt delivery, quality product, good advice. Water tank and septic system. "

Frank The Sheepdog , Katanning, WA

" Extra special thanks to the team at “Coerco”. I bought a full septic system and leach drains from them for my 40 acre property in Gingin. I can’t speak any higher of them from the people in the office to the delivery. Products are very very good and the people even better. I would highly recommended these guys to anyone chasing the products they stock! You won’t be disappointed. "

Sarah Kelly , Gingin, WA