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"It's important to use the right product"
By Leon Sharman - Sharman Farms, Cadoux, WA
Leon Sharman, at Sharman Farms in Cadoux, Western Australia. Consisting of about 25,000 acres all up, and 18,000 of that is crop and 6,000 sheep. On site, we have four FLEXI-N 50,000 litre tanks, and one 50,000 litre water storage tank that we use for chemical fill ups. With the price of liquid FLEXI-N you wouldn't trust that anything less I don't think. Water is getting more expensive and valuable, especially stock water. You know, we don't want our tanks leaking when we're not around during summer especially when it's important for stock. So, yeah, it's quite important to use the right product. So, we've got the 3,000 litre transportable fuel tank that we lift on and off the trailer. Its bunted with the balls in there, so no sloshing, doesn't move around. doesn't push the Ute around. Just an easy product to use. Its cheaper than steel. It makes life full of easy filling up machinery. I choose them, because built up a relationship with them over for years and learn a lot of trust which is what I always want when I'm dealing with people. It's important and the guys here we can trust them there and a better quality product. Whenever I have problems with them ever. If we need anything, they are only a short distance away. Local boys and quick phone call!
Its not the price that mattered to me, it was the availability...
By Ashley Jones
We're farming at Nungarin in central eastern wheatbelt with my wife. out here, we're not blessed with a lot of rainfall, so just like our wheat, our water needs to harvested, handled and stored efficiently and with dignity and respect. The money that we spend, we want to spend once and do it properly. The guys at Coerco are very, very good; they are from the country so when you're talking to them and dealing with them, you are dealing with like-minded people. It all sounds easy just to put a water tank onto a roof to collect your rainwater, but even things like the colour of the tank you know how the different shades affect algae growth and the temperature of water particularly with our boom spray tank down at the shed, you know you need a light-coloured tank. It all sounds very simple; just put a tank there but there's a bit more to it, and that's where Bradyn is very, very helpful for me.
"I was even surprised how thick the tank wall was!"
By Murray McDonald
We're farming wheat, sheep and different other crops to try make a living at the moment. Tank behind us at the moment is 50,000 litre tank; whick refines a great size when I get an SP sprayer in to do blowing out crops and being crop spraying just for the water size and the high volumes we're using. You know the smaller tanks just aren't having enough supply to.. you know, keep up with the sprayers. I've got an old fibreglass tank over there, where the bottoms cracked because it's just too thin and it doesn't handle the shrinkage and the expanding with the weathers that we have. Temperatures actually plays a big factor on that. The thickness of the wall is.. you know - absolutely great, I find. Going through my local agent in town in farmways you know it's just easy bring them up so what tank I want. And then, you know - in the short space of time, it comes off. It gets delivered ...
"Its not the price that mattered to me, it was the availability..."
By Ashley Jones - Nungarin, WA
"I was even surprised how thick the tank wall was!"
By Murray McDonald - Kellerberrin, WA
"Good product! Quick fill, quick emptying!"
By Kevin Lansdell - Kareem Farms, Popanyinning, WA
"Robust and simple design. Genuine Honda engine on the pump..."
By Tim Barndon, Kulin, WA
"They're just so easy to use!"
By Sam Davies - Western Rural Earthmoving, Dalwallinu, WA
"The poly troughs of mine have lasted a long time!"
By David Hall, New Norcia, WA