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August 16, 2023

Coerco Field Days Mingenew, Dowerin, and Newdegate, FY-2024!

Fertiliser Storage

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Field Day season has begun, and Coerco, a prominent participant in these events in Western Australia, is once again taking an active role. These events are significant for the local community as they bring together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate and appreciate the region's rich agricultural heritage.

This year, Coerco had an exciting exhibit in Mingenew and will continue to showcase their products in Dowerin and Newdegate in the weeks to come for FY-2024. 


Coerco Field Days Exhibit 1


The Value of Field Day Events

Field Day events offer farmers, suppliers, and industry experts, a unique platform to showcase their latest innovations, technological advancements, and sustainable practices. It is a valuable opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering collaborations between stakeholders. The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding these events are palpable, as attendees get to witness live demonstrations, participate in engaging workshops, and explore the latest equipment and machinery.


Coerco Field Days Exhibit 2


Introducing Coerco's Bulk Liquid Fertiliser Transport Unit!

During the event, Coerco took the opportunity to introduce a brand-new liquid fertiliser transport unit and it saw a good amount of enquiry and interest. It was presided over by Team Coerco namely:

(From left to right) Mark Craddock, Hamilton Craddock, Craig Whyte, Keval Panchotiya, Ryan Powell, and Blake Davies.


Coerco Team Pic Mingenew Best

With the bulk liquid fertiliser transport unit joining Coerco's increasing selection of high-quality products, farmers can now look forward to a more streamlined and efficient fertiliser transport process, ultimately leading to improved crop yields and a more sustainable farming future.


Coerco's continued participation in these Field Day events exemplifies their dedication to supporting and promoting the agricultural industry in Western Australia. They have made nonstop efforts to improve the lives of WA farmers over the past 30 years and continue to do so.

Discover more about Coerco here and come visit us in the Dowerin Field Days next which will be held on the 30th and 31st of August at site #338!


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