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April 6, 2021

3 Signs to Look For When Utilising Online Customer Reviews to Find the Best Water Tank Products

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Access to the internet is a boon to buyers looking to purchase the best water tanks in the market. If you want to make intelligent and well-informed decisions, then the easiest way to find out if a company is the right fit for you is to see how other people perceive them through customer testimonials like Google/Facebook reviews or even the company’s comments section on their website.

However, the number of reviews, not to mention vaguely written ones that don’t offer a lot of explanation as to why a product/service is good, can leave you undecided. Besides that, information overload makes deciding even harder. It's important, therefore, to learn how to effectively sift through loads of information and know what to search for.

So, here are the signs to look for when browsing customer reviews online.


1. Repeat purchases

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool, something that many companies don't miss a beat trying to leverage. But social proof or great marketing for that matter can only last so long if the company behind it doesn’t create the necessary scenarios for their customers to experience and succeed. Of course, a business leveraging the internet isn't such a bad thing per se. Just watch out for companies that talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

Tom Jackson.Updated

A repeat customer expressing his satisfaction for our water tanks.


2. Holistic consistency

Repeat purchases, especially when a constant feature in a testimonials section, is a good sign because it points to consistency. When looking for signs of consistency in a brand, it’s important to clearly define what consistency means to you. Is it consistency in product quality? Price? Service? It's hard to find what you can't clearly define. If you want the best the market has to offer, you need to know exactly what you're looking for and, ideally, a multifaceted type of consistency is what you should aim for.

Here's an example:
Vicki Birnie.updated

Customer Vicki shares her experience with the excellent service we've provided.

It's not just the consistency in the service that’s being recognised in the testimonial. Delivery, which is part of the customer experience, also gets a shout-out.

As an aside, when a company claims consistency, dig a little deeper. What is it saying really? Consistency in what aspect of the business exactly? Make sure the company isn't just using the word solely for marketing purposes because it sounds good. And remember, you want a multifaceted type of consistency. Life is way easier that way.

Of course, you can't rely on just one testimonial. Find a company's Google and/or Facebook reviews and scour through the different testimonials from different people and go ahead and compare those testimonials. If it seems only 1 out of 10 people mention things that signal consistency, you may want to watch out.


3. Customer service, customer experience, and product quality (and how they're connected)

You’d be surprised but many people out there would rather have a well-priced product that offers a great customer experience than the expensive product that offers a traumatizing customer experience.

Such is the power of experience. People have long memories when it comes to them and the bad ones, in particular, leave a bitter taste long after the transaction. Wouldn't you agree?

Do you know what else is important besides customer experience? It's customer service. But what's the difference between the two and how does product quality have anything to do with it?


Customer Experience

This describes the overall interaction between you and the company in each stage of your journey as the buyer. A company that provides a great customer experience is proactive. Its team won't wait to make things easy for you. Rather, this company weaves a seamless, value-driven experience into the tapestry that is your entire experience with them from the first point of contact to delivery. The result is a much overall smoother transaction.

Andrew Brine.updated-1

Andrew is completely satisfied with our services from planning to delivery of his orders.

Karyn Tuckett.Updated

This customer also shared her experience after our after-sales support. 


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Customer Service

This describes how quickly and readily a company reacts to your queries and unpredictable challenges (and the quality of how they go about it).

Michael Forrest.Updated

Michael shared how our customer service guided him throughout his Coerco purchase.

Sargon Lovkis.updated

Customer Sargon is pleased with our team for being understanding with his concern as well as how our delivery team were able to attend to his requests.


If you were the customer, you’d know that waiting isn’t a particularly exciting activity, but if you had the reassurance of a company who’s willing to wait with you, then it makes for a more pleasant experience.

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Product Quality

Product quality should be customer-centered. You, the customer define what quality is, and a good company must listen to that and then work its way 'backward' to produce the quality product that you need.

Farming and water issues in Australia are tough enough. But sometimes, often actually, the best solution for a tough situation is also the simplest. It's one of life's greatest paradoxes. The good news? Science claims that embracing seemingly contradictory ideas (tough situations and simple solutions) makes you more creative. Simple solutions also leave you more time to solve your other challenges, therefore, setting you up for more successes.

Darren Brockman.updated

Client Darren loves how our tanks are easy to use.

Andrew Vlahov.updated

Andrew is impressed with our quality tanks expressing to buy from us again.


What does product quality have to do with customer service?

The higher the quality of a product, the lesser issues there are and the lesser the chances of you having to call the company for a problem such as a product defect.


Look for a company that has invested time and research in eliminating mistakes at every stage of the customer experience, from the order process to manufacturing to delivery and beyond. 

Jo Peters.Updated

Jo simply loves how our team was able to assist them throughout the ordering process.

Geoff Poole.updated

Customer Geoff recommended how our team has provided everything he wanted - tank colour, short production time, and a skilled delivery driver.


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There you have it. We hope this has been helpful to you!

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