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May 2, 2019

Australian Standards for Reliable Poly Water Tanks

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You must have read about “Australian Standards” or “AS/NZS” countless of times before. In this article we will explain what they mean, and which Australian Standards would assure you of quality and reliable poly water tanks.


What Australian Standards Are and Aren’t

Australian Standards are not legal requirements that producers of products are obligated to meet. Rather, Australian Standards such as AS/NZS Standards, are requirements set in place by a non-profit and non-governmental organisation called
Standards Australia, which aims to provide manufacturers with best practice guidelines for the manufacture of reliable products.

As such, Australian Standards are voluntarily adapted by companies who want to create calibre commodities – in this case: poly water tanks.

ISO 9001:2015 certified Coerco poly water tanks on truck


Standards Applicable to the Manufacture of Polyethylene Water Tanks


  • AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals
  • AS/NZS 4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water
  • AS 2070 Plastic materials for food contact use
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System


AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals

This is a joint Australian/New Zealand standard specifically for the manufacture of roto-moulded, vertical poly water tanks. The scope states: 


This Standard specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of polyethylene storage tanks that are rotationally moulded in one-piece seamless construction. The tanks are for non-buried, vertical installation and capable of containing water, liquids used in food and beverage manufacture and chemical solutions at atmospheric pressure.


Poly water tanks that are manufactured in guidance with AS 4766, such as Coerco water tanks, are designed to be structurally sound, seamless, watertight, and capable of doing its intended use, which is for storing liquid. 


AS/NZS 4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water

poly water tank on a farm
This is another joint Australian/New Zealand standard that all rainwater products intended for use in contact with drinking water must adhere to.


This Standard specifies requirements for the suitability of products for use in contact with drinking water, with regard to their effect on the quality of water… The Standard requires that products intended for use in contact with drinking water be tested by exposure to extractant waters.”

Poly rainwater tanks that comply with this Standard are considered safe and suitable for storing water intended for human consumption. They do not leach harmful substances or chemicals from the tank material to the water. As such, water stored inside does not impart any worrying taste from the poly tank material.

Coerco produces water tanks that comply with this standard.

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AS 2070 Plastic materials for food contact use

poly water tank taken out of the mold-1

This applies to a wide range of plastic products that are designed for contact with food, including poly water tanks. It mainly applies to the materials necessary during production (powder, resins, etc.) and the processes involved during production. The scope states:


This Standard specifies materials and the procedures for use during the various stages of production of plastic materials, coating and printing of plastics items for food contact and subsequent use. This includes such items as packages, domestic containers, wrapping materials, utensils or any other plastics items intended for food contact applications.” 


Poly water tanks that pass this Standard are made of food grade polyethylene. The procedures undergone by these rainwater tanks ensure that they do not contaminate or taint any food that comes in direct contact with it.

All materials used by Coerco for the manufacture of water tanks comply with this standard.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

To be ISO 9001 Certified means that international requirements for an appropriate and effective Quality Management Systems have been met and the poly manufacturing company continues to impose identification and implementation of improvements.

Being ISO 9001 certified signifies that quality processes are implemented as standard. These processes are maintained so that each tank that comes out of the oven is the same top-notch quality as the last.

Coerco is ISO 9001 certified since 2008 which means that meeting customers’ expectations product-wise and service-wise are a particular focus.

In conclusion, all water tanks made by Coerco undergo a stringent process during production, the result of which are consistently high-calibre final products that are enduring enough to meet your own personal standards.  

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