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May 4, 2018

Why the Cheapest Rainwater Tanks May End Up The Most Expensive

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Rainwater harvesting is a smart strategy, both for environmental and budgetary reasons. Beware though, buying the cheapest rainwater tank you can find definitely qualifies as penny wise (short term), pound foolish. Indeed, purchase price is not the most important factor to consider when buying any water tank.

Here's why you might end up spending more on cheap water tanks in the long run:

Durability Matters

The cheapest rainwater tanks typically don't last long – in fact, a cheap tank may cause problems after just a few years. Problems can occur such as cheap fittings breaking, taps failing or cracking due to poor material quality. On the other hand, well-made water tanks will hold up for decades.


Ease of Use Can Make All the Difference

Rainwater tanks call for regular maintenance in order to keep the water quality high. A well-designed tank will often be much easier to maintain than a poorly designed one. Tanks that allow too much light in can have more algae problems meaning you have the added expense of cleaning it out more often. In some situations, other factors may come into play as well. For example, if you need to move the tank after installation, have you considered the cost of doing that?


Delivery Should Be Easy

Buying the tank is only the first step – next, you have to get it from the manufacturer to your property. Given how much a rainwater tank can weigh, choosing a manufacturer who provides free delivery and know's how to move the tank correctly and safely can save you a bundle. You can't afford to have delivery drivers and vehicles damaging your property through incompetence costing you time for the repairs. And since we all know time is money, free delivery saves you both.

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Excellent Customer Service is a Must

Is it really worth saving a little money upfront if it means working with a company who will put you through endless hassles during the delivery, installation, and maintenance parts of the process? Your time is valuable – don't waste it by subjecting yourself to poor customer service. 

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Invest Confidently with a Manufacturer Guarantee

Buying a good rainwater tank helps ensure that you won't have any problems with tank quality. But if such a problem does occur, a manufacturer guarantee will protect you from bearing the expenses involved in resolving the issue. 

All in all, the cheapest rainwater tanks will inevitably end up being the most expensive. Consider the words of Benjamin Franklin: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

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