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September 11, 2020

Coerco with the Ag Road Show - Great for the Farmers

Agriculture, Rural

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We’re excited to take part in the Ag Roadshow as one of nine exhibitors this September. Just a few more days to go and you can take part in the event featuring Ag products at 4 shows:

Borden (Sep 15), Munglinup (Sep 16) , Wyalkatchem (Sep 21), and Wickepin (Sep 22 ).

Coerco will be showcasing 4 innovative poly products from our Spring Clean Poly Tank Deals: Corrugated Water Tanks, Liquid Fertiliser Storage, Liquid Cartage Tanks, and Diesel Storage Tanks. 


Prepare to marvel at how far we’ve come with the latest innovations and let’s enjoy what binds us together: our passion for Agriculture! 

See you at one of these events!

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