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October 6, 2016

Don’t take the chance with FIRE!

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There is no time like now to invest in one of the ever popular firefighter units manufactured by Coerco.

The risk of intense bush fires are increasing as hotter and drier conditions are starting to progress throughout the country. This begs you to be prepared for the dreaded and destructive event of a bush fire! Its too late to consider consequences once the damage is done. Some things can be replaced if lost, but others can’t, so it really is essential to give yourself every chance you can to fight and protect yourself from a fire.


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During a major bush fire, firefighters will be working to stop the fire from spreading. Local and State Government fire trucks will not be available to defend every property. You are encouraged to be prepared to reduce the impact at your property. This means having your own firefighter unit is really a priceless investment when considering the value of what you are protecting; your family, your home, your farm & machinery and your community! It’s far better to ‘be prepared than dared’ and swift response times to the threat of fire are very critical. A small flame can be extinguished much easier than a roaring blaze. For this you rely on a firefighting unit which won’t let you down!



An investment in a strong, reliable and quality assured firefighting unit is surely an integral part of the’ being prepared’. Coerco can offer something for any application with a range of capacities available throughout the trailed, compact,and skid mounted firefighter ranges . We also have the portable pump skid series which is a portable pump and hose reel skid unit ideal for use with existing tanks and swimming pools.



All Coerco Firefighter Units framework and chassis are galvanised to prevent any rust. Standard engines are genuine Honda® coupled to Australian made Davey®Pumps for proven reliability. Tank and hose reels are constructed from tough durable UV resistant polyethylene. The tank is baffled for good stability whilst the unit is in action. Suction port set ups are designed for quick change coupling on all units allowing you the option to fill from tank and dams etc in emergency situations. Land cruiser stud patterns,mudguards and mudflaps are standard across the Trailer range. We have many optional extras avaliable such as LED indicator lamps and license compliance inspection to make Coerco your one-stop shop for these specialised trailers. We can also license it for you!

These units are all competitively priced and with free delivery to your local rural agent in most areas. Our available stock is selling quickly to meet the demand for this fire season.

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