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August 23, 2019

Liquid Fertiliser Tanks: Parts that Guarantee Operational Effectiveness (A Checklist)

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The capability of your liquid fertiliser tank to meet the demands in your operations is a definite prerequisite in preventing a major loss and reaping the benefits made possible by liquid fertilisers.

Besides the overall strength that a liquid fertiliser tank should have (namely: side-wall strength, strong roof, warranty with high-quality service, and adaptability), what other particulars should you look for? In what ways does a well-designed liquid fertiliser storage tank support ease of operations and better turnaround times?

The following are the ingredients that help guarantee your tank’s operational effectiveness, paving the way for a successful seeding period: 

    • Compatibility with various liquid fertilisers

      You could, at one point or another, decide to use a different liquid fertiliser. So you need to spend some time thinking about all the possible fertiliser products your tank may contain over the course of its lifespan.

      In essence, you need a fertiliser storage tank that is compatible with several types of liquid fertilisers available in the market. Further, a tank with an SG rating of 1.5 is ideal in that it will be able to carry different liquid fertiliser weight below 1.5 SG -- should you decide to switch products!

      Note: When switching to a new product, ensure that it is compatible with the previous one stored in the tank. If not, then your tank needs to be emptied and appropriately cleaned prior to next use. 

    • Outlet system

      The outlet system should be designed to make the below aspect of the job more efficient:

      Emptying of the tank

      An outlet that’s closer to the bottom of the tank is more convenient for when the tank needs to be emptied (i.e. during regular maintenance/clean-up prior to refilling the tank with a new product).

      An internal elbow attached to the outlet also goes a long way in completely emptying the tank of its contents quickly and efficiently. The outlet must also be designed to connect to a pump, as there may be cases where sludge needs to be removed.

    • Quality fittings

      Fittings are subject to rough conditions and tough demands. To slow down wear and tear, these fittings must be of high quality to ensure they are the perfect complement for a dependable fertiliser tank.

      A fill-in pipe that’s made of polyethylene is more durable than it’s PVC counterpart. Further, ball valves and tank flange fittings must be designed to ensure imperviousness to chemicals. Remember, quality fittings ensure long-term service.

    • Fast fill-up

      A strategically placed fill port makes for a convenient and quick fill-up of your spray unit. Having the right system in place for top filling the tank is crucial because the right conditions ideal for seeding could disappear as quickly as they appear.

    • Level gauge

      A level gauge / external level indicator provides visibility of contents. This comes in handy in preventing your storage tank from overflowing while it’s being filled up and is convenient in determining whether or not it’s time for you to buy another load of liquid fertiliser. 

    • Durable material

      Some of the main things to consider are all-around protection not just from chemical corrosion but also protection from the following: harsh weather, possible physical impact, and deformity.

Coerco liquid fertiliser storage tank parts

Fertiliser tanks made of quality polyethylene not only provides high resistance to the chemicals in liquid fertiliser, they also offer impact-resistance, possess high UV protection, and boast great creep resistance (high protection against deformation). All these to guarantee longevity of service.

Top-notch poly fertiliser tanks retain their toughness in the field!

Coerco Liquid fertiliser storage tanks-1

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Optimal timing is key in farming. You need to have everything, from machinery to fertiliser tanks, assessed for their operational effectiveness. When you’ve done the work necessary to ensure everything is functioning at their ultimate best, then you can be ready at a moment’s notice.

Time is gold!

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