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October 14, 2021

Rural Know-How Beats Summer Fires

Fire Fighting Units

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A spot fire on a remote large-scale farm can be a landowners worst nightmare given the ability of a small fire to quickly turn into a catastrophic bushfire.

The hot, dry and often windy conditions that summer brings along with an abundant amount of fuel load brought on by this years above average rainfall could create perfect conditions for a fire. Spot fires can also be ignited by lightning strikes, sparks from machinery or electrical accidents like fallen power lines.    


Coerco has been supplying Western Australians with a range of innovative products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural markets for decades.


The standard methods of prescribed burning generally includes maintaining yearly fire breaks, understory burns, fuel load reduction, slash burning and fuel load risk reduction. And while prescribed burning is key for fire prevention for landowners in semi-rural and rural areas, it won’t stop a fire from another source like a machinery fire.  




Emergency fire services have further to travel for remote fires 

With specialised local fire services often hundreds of kilometres away, and limited water supplies, many farmers rely on an independent firefighting unit on-site.  But the challenges of rough terrain, sandy soil conditions and limited space have proved to be stumbling blocks in finding the perfect solution. 

In this instance, a rapid deployment firefighting unit is an indispensable way of transporting large quantities of water to contain an on-farm fire incident. Keeping a portable, practical, compact and tough firefighting unit on-farm is a great way of protecting livestock, the homestead and crops. 

Coerco offers a complete firefighting unit that is suitable for any application and designed to tackle Australian conditions. Every aspect of the unit has been manufactured or sourced in Western Australia. 

Coerco has been supplying Western Australians with a range of innovative products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural markets for decades.  


Peace of mind with a compact fire-fighting unit on the back of a ute 

One of the most popular options for farmers is Coerco’s compact firefighting units that have been manufactured in Australia. The units include three key elements being, a uniquely designed water tank, a hose reel and a pump. 

Mounted on a galvanized steel frame with forklift access, the water tanks are UV stabilized and manufactured with durable polyethylene and are available in a choice of three sizes being, 600 litre, 800 litre and 1,000 litre.  


truck ute


Each tank size includes a sump drain for evacuation of tank contents and a secure screw lid. The poly reel hose has a lock to prevent accidental unwinding and contains 30 metres of 25 millimetre hose with an adjustable nozzle. 

A separate six metre suction hose with a foot valve is also supplied with the unit to allow filling from external sources like dams. The suction hose is stored inside the tank, so it doesn't get lost or take up any additional space. 

With its compact design, the units leave plenty of room at the back of a ute for tools and other equipment needed for day-to-day farming. Backed by a five-year pump end warranty, the Aussie Fire Chief pump is powered by a genuine petrol Honda GX series engine. 


A reliable, powerful pump keeps the water flowing in an emergency 

The Honda engine features a three-year commercial warranty while the pump incorporates a replaceable flange suction port as well as discharge ports, which allow easy access for servicing. A heavy-duty, closed impeller provides additional performance while the large body enables fast priming. 

Aussie Pumps developed the Aussie Fire Chief pump 25 years ago and the secret of its performance lies in its components and a steadfast commitment to quality.  The Aussie Fire Chief pump delivers more water at pressure in those critical points on the curve where firefighting is done.   

The pump’s impeller, a die-cast aluminum, closed design, is seven and a half inches in diameter, providing real velocity for the pump with substantially more material than its competitors.  In fact, it weighs two and a half times more than some of its competitors.  

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