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May 11, 2018

Undeniable Proof That You Need to Convert to Liquid Fertiliser

Agriculture, Fertiliser Storage

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Most farmers are familiar with the debate, but the truth is that everyone has a different opinion: Should you fill a spreader with granular fertiliser or switch to the liquid fertiliser that evenly applies fertiliser over agricultural paddocks?

Here are three reasons why liquid fertiliser is the king of the cropping.

1. Liquid Fertiliser is Fast Acting

Since plants need nutrients in a liquid form to be able to use them, fertiliser in liquid form is faster-acting and easier to take up. With granular fertiliser, no irrigation or rain is needed to disperse the nutrients deeper into the soil for plants to receive. Liquid fertilisers get to work immediately and naturally trickle through soil, feeding and aiding plants as they go. 


2. Blending and Application are Easier

Combining the fertiliser you need is much easier and more uniform when done in liquid form. Spraying it onto fields is much easier than getting an even spread with granular fertilizer, so many people prefer it because of the uniform results it yields. When blended with crop protection products, it can deliver a double benefit to your fields.

 Blending Liquid Fertiliser & Chemical Spray


3. You Can Re-Apply Liquid Fertiliser Strategically

Most fertilisers in granular form are delivered in one large dose before the season, but with 

Granular Fertiliser

liquid fertiliser tanks you can easily tailor a second application to the needs of your plants that 

year, delivering it in-season. This can be helpful once the season's sun and rain have been noted, and using your customised blend of fertiliser components, you can deliver exactly what your crops need for that particular growing season.


Invest in the Best at Coerco

When it comes time to purchase liquid fertiliser transport and liquid fertiliser storage tanks, contact us to get reasonable rates and high quality tanks that will hold up throughout your work as a farmer. A great farm needs high-quality, reliable tools to be able to yield consistent harvests, and Coerco is your source for the tanks you need.

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