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December 23, 2017

2017: A Year in Review at Coerco

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2017- what a year! Our compounding team has produced millions of kilos of polymer, our metal fabrication team has built hundreds of new moulds and firefighter and trough frames. Our oven operators and assembly line has produced thousands of products and thousands of meters of plastic welding. Then our logistics team and our dedicated drivers have coordinated and traveled millions of kilometers to get products to our valued customers.

We achieved the goals that we set for the year. We responded to the needs of our customers and developed innovative new products. On the 22nd December the whole Coerco team celebrated these successes with team members from all branches included.


2017 Highlights


  • Our Agricultural line in 2018 will offer changes to:
    • Tank fitting and accessories range
    • Animal product range
    • Vehicle accessories and handling products


  • In 2017, we became certified to the latest ISO9001 version
  • We now offer a 20-year extended warranty on our premium and flat walled water tanks. This ensures that our tanks will remain trouble-free for the duration of use. The water tanks exceed all expectations and will outlast any other poly tank on the market.
  • Coerco has teamed up with Davey Water Products to host FREE "tradies" breakfast and lunch events. Key plumbing distributors will have the opportunity to meet with "tradies". Events will be held at branch sites.
  • We built a new open plan office space at our Head Office Branch.


The Coerco team is proud of the accomplishments achieved in 2017. We are ready and energized for what awaits in the coming new year. We remain dedicated to improving lives with poly products. For more details on our new products, contact us .


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