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December 19, 2018

2018: A Year in Review at Coerco


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Christmas break is only days away.

We’d like to announce that Coerco will close this Friday at 12 pm on December 21st and will commence regular working schedule on January 7th, 2019.

Our office will be operating with skeleton staff throughout the 2-week break on the following days:

Thursday 27th December 2018;

Friday 28th December 2018;

Wednesday 2nd January 2019;

Thursday 3rd January 2019, and;

Friday 4th January 2019.


What a journey 2018 has been!


From thunderstorms, to drought and bushfires, to community service and the ensuing bond that comes with helping each other out, all our efforts in meeting challenges and celebrating victories could only bring our community much closer to each other.


This year, more reliable Coerco products have made their way into establishments, properties and homes, making jobs easier for our customers and offering value year in and year out. On field days our products have garnered much attention, particularly our liquid fertiliser storage tanks we’ve produced to meet rise in liquid fertiliser demand, our compact firefighters and, of course, our core product, the water tank – just to name a few.


As always, we’re grateful that we get to respond to your needs and we appreciate hearing – or reading! – all of your feedback. We can’t wait to continue doing our best to deliver opportunities to you through world-class, innovative products, all throughout 2019!

2018 HIGHLIGHTS                




- In November, Coerco was a Top 3 finalist during the 2018 CRT Event for Water Products    in Perth. Our very own Bradyn and Micah attended the ceremony.  We’d like to thank          you, our clients and suppliers, for your ongoing trust. We see Top 3 as an opportunity to    continue to strive better and a challenge we’re motivated to meet head on. 


- We’ve been to more than a few Field Days this year including Newdegate, Cleve, Dowerin, and Mingenew Field Days, the Sundowner at Primaries in Moora, and a Tradies Breakfast in Denmark just to name a few. We've been everywhere!                        


Sundowner, Field Days, other events_2


   We’re happy to continue nurturing relationships with loyal customers and glad for the         opportunity to establish ourselves in new places and meeting more passionate people       in the industry, which we get to delve into during events like these.


- Coerco’s very own Bradyn and Adam were at the annual CRT conference in Perth early    in February at the Perth Convention Centre -- the first time Coerco got to have its own        stand at the event. Hurrah for small victories! 


CRT Conference in Feb

Top: Adam (L) and Bradyn (R); Bottom: Coerco stand.


- We now manufacture our own Poly Septic Tank Range. Tested according to Australian        Standards, approved by WA Department of Health, SA Department of Health and NT          Department of Health.


New Releases and Updates on Products


- Coerco’s above ground polyethylene diesel storage tanks that are rotomolded for a one-    piece seamless construction design are built in accordance with AS/NZS 4766 and            AS/NZS1940-2017 and are exactly what you need for diesel storage


Poly Diesel Storage Tank

Poly Diesel Storage Tank


We’ve refined our Compact Firefighter Unit range so that all of them now have a full            draining sump! 


first new 1000 litre compact fire chiefThe first new 1,000 Litre Compact Firefighter


- We’ve changed the colour of all of our troughs and tubs from dark green to beige to help    the water stay cooler and to help them expand and contract less with extreme                    temperature changes.


- Coerco had its annual QA internal audit in late August to re-qualify for ISO:9001. We          want to keep improving ourselves to match your expectations. 


Notable Moments


Farmers, volunteer firefighters including some of our Coerco team members, teamed up    to fight several bushfires  that happened in multiple places in Wheatbelt including                Dalwallinu (additionally, a harvester caught fire South of Dalwallinu just a few weeks          later). What  did some of our brave heroes have with them? A variety of Coerco’s                Compact   Firefighters, Skid Mounts, and Trailed firefighting units.


Dalwallinu Bushfires and Coerco Firefighters 2018Wheatbelt bushfires and Coerco firefighters. 


- BBC and Shire President Cr Steven Carter dropped by the office for a show showcasing    international migrants settling in Dalwallinu via work visas, contributing to the success in    the town’s re-population. A stark contrast to other towns’ dwindling numbers. 


bbc crew at CoercoBBC crew interviews Art and Florian from the Philippines. 


We’ve traveled thousands of miles to get the right products to you where you need them the most. Whether it’s pontoons, pipe floats and walkways or Agricultural products such as livestock troughs, portable firefighters and water tanks, we swell with pride for our products when we hear about how well they’re bringing value to your businesses and passion.


Most importantly, we’re proud of you. We know that in the pursuit of your goals and dreams you have challenges to surpass and miles to go, too.


Let’s all see 2018 out with a bang and greet the New Year with high hopes!



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