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August 28, 2018

2018 Field Days - What Everyone is Buzzing About


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Here we are almost through the three major field days in WA. In August, Coerco exhibited at the Mingenew Expo and Dowerin Field Days. Its so important to get in front of owners of Coerco Products and the farmers of today and tomorrow. This is where you get to hear the buzz of the industry, what's new, what's working and what's not.

Here are some interesting thing's we learn't. 

Liquid Fertiliser was in such high demand in this growing season that the suppliers ran short. With a late break in the season followed by widespread good follow-up rains, many farmers have seen the opportunity to maximize their yield and protein by topping up with nitrogen. CSBP say that the demand for nitrogen has been about 50 per cent higher than expected during July and August, when compared with the average of the past five years. We had a lot of interest in our Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks, especially the 50,000Ltr or 65 tonne Liquid Storage Tank

Farmers are impressed with our 800 Ltr Compact Fire Fighter and in particular the integrated full draining sump. This has been very beneficial with many farmers opting to use these for assisting with spraying out fire-breaks by adding roundup into these units. Even though the risk of fire in the winter months is not high, these fire-fighting units still have a place on the back of utes in the cooler months.

Bulk Diesel Storage on Farms in Poly Tanks in Coerco's approved diesel storage tanks were most welcomed. One of the significant variable operating costs of farming is diesel. Many farmers are investing in our new Diesel Storage tanks so that they can take advantage good fuel prices and bulk up on Diesel

An interesting fact we noted was that one farmer mentioned that he see's the need to have more tanks as his dams can lose up to 1cm per day in the summer months. Considering we have over 100 days of warmer weather around the summer months, this equates to 1 mtr of valuable water lost. No wonder tanks are the way to go when looking to increase the efficiency of farms. 

We also released our new publication - Your guide to how polyethylene water tanks can help improve efficiency and productivity while boosting your bottom line. A preview of the cover is below. Stay tuned for the release of this online or let us know if you want a copy posted out. 

Coerco Water Tanks - Changing the Future of your Farm

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