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May 22, 2018

Video on a Day in the Coerco Assembly & Fabrication Factory

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Every day at the Coerco Assembly and Fabrication Factory starts in pieces. But it's not all that bad! We have those pieces and the team to put it all together. Hundreds, even thousands of poly products, fittings, fixings and piping are put together every day. It doesn't happen without good plans and a great team. 


These pieces come from our 10 rotational moulding machines and a range of key suppliers all sourced through our lean procurement department. 


Follow us on this short video where we showcase only a handful of the activity that happens in the assembly and fabrication factory every day. 


On this day we tracked the activity that took place on a handful of products. 5 minutes is not enough time to show all that happens in this busy hub of the factory. 




Water Tanks


All water tanks are fitted out on their bases in this factory, opposed to rollers as you saw in our last episode. Every tank is fitted out according to a plan that has come through from the office. Most water tanks, as standard, are fitted with one brass outlet and tap, an overflow and a leaf strainer inlet. Here we cater for the requirement of brass and poly bulkhead fittings, ranging from 1 inch up to 4 inches.


Smaller water tanks - like the 800-litre and 1,500-litre slimline poly water tanks and 1,000 litre Corrugated Poly Water Tank - which are able to be handled by hand are wrapped to ensure that the tank arrives in top condition. The large tanks are handled by our large forklift and loaded into cradles that have carpet fitted for protection during the journey.


Custom Fabrication


When your order requires more than what is standard on any tank it comes into the hands of our qualified poly welding team. There is a large variety of pipework, fittings and other external parts that are fabricated into our products. Check out this overview of what custom plastic fabrication you can have on poly tanks. 


A day of Poly welding involves surface preparation of the fittings and the tanks. The weld groove must have all the dirt and oxidation removed then cleaned by cleaning chemicals that don't leave any oily residue. Next the fitting is tacked into the hole of the tank while ensuring it's kept level and perpendicular to the tanks wall.


The fitting is then ready to be welded with one of our extrusion welding guns which pre-heats the weld surface and extrudes molten polyethylene into the weld groove, while pressure is applied to the weld shoe. Finishing involves removing the flash with a scraper so that the weld appearance is neat.


Animal Products


All of our poly animal products pass through our assembly factory. Our livestock troughs are managed with a kanban system with trigger points for low stock. This means that we always have stock of the base products for general orders, allowing the assembly team to then put the float valves and any other fittings you have requested onto your order.


Putting animal products together involves drilling holes to fit outlet bungs, float valves and any other extra fittings. All of our poly livestock water troughs have float valve covers to protect the float valves from being damaged by livestock and ultimately, the risk of losing important drinking water. 


Most of our Poly Animal Products are stack-able and packed in the most efficient way for transport. 


Fire Fighter Units and Diesel Transport Tanks


All transport tanks with and without pumps and skids are put together in the assembly factory. A quick tour of this area and you could see a range of activity happening including; foaming the baffles of our free-standing cartage tanks for baffle strength, spin-welding in small threads for site tube fitment, drilling of holes for bulkhead fittings and poly welded outlet fittings.


This range of products also involves the plumbing of hoses to connect water or diesel pumps to the tanks. Each product is product has its plumbing configuration planned out and optimised for the perfect balance of usability and cost effectiveness. Poorly designed plumbing can be a nightmare to put together and even harder to use, costing your time and money.


To accommodate for portability, most transport tanks also have the option of a steel skid for the unit. Fire fighter units always have steel skids on which the tank is bolted down with our tried and proven pin mount system.


Once the transport tanks are plumbed and mounted on frames they are tested as part of our quality assurance. We give you complete peace of mind that you are getting the world class product you deserve and hope for. 


All tanks and products are cleaned and shrink wrapped, where required, and have a destination label and packing label applied. They are then placed into the designated loading bays in our yard ready for loading team and our team of truck drivers to start loading at 5 am every weekday. Stay tuned to see what a busy morning loading our trucks looks like! 


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