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July 31, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Coerco Oven Operator – A Video Diary

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Not many people get to experience both a work life in the city and a career in the country. But for Brian Robert Gilbert, fondly known at Coerco as “Dreads”, working late night shifts in a rural-based manufacturing company surrounded by a country community beats city life and its throngs of people.


Dreads has definitely got the rural culture in his DNA, something that Coerco has, too.



Daily Routine

A usual day for Dreads starts in the afternoon when most people would start heading home to call it a day. After eating a meal, feeding his dog, and taking him out for a run, Dreads clocks in at 5 PM on the production floor and wastes no time running the ovens.

Reliability & Responsibility at Work

Keeping up with the number of orders can be challenging with many of them going in last minute, yet it can bring out the best in people. A reliable person is someone who the people around him can trust to get the job done and done with the highest caliber of workmanship. Because what one single person does impacts the rest of the team, from the trimmers to the welders to the truck drivers waiting to get the orders delivered on time. Dreads certainly carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but willingly takes them on.


They need someone that knows exactly how to run the oven right. . . . If you’ve got someone that doesn’t know how to run it, it could cost you in damages.


No matter how hard and stressful things can get, a reliable person has not only the skills but also the heart to forge ahead despite constant demands. Needless to say, reliable products require reliable team players who know the value they give.


Everyone really relies on me to come in. . . . They rely on me to make sure the machine is running. . . . You’ve got to be a tough sort of thing. Not so much strong but willing to work hard.

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