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March 14, 2018

A Day in the Office with Coerco

Urban, Agriculture, Mining & Industrial

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When you make a call to us, one awesome team kicks into action! You call, we answer, we collaborate, we measure, we check, we approve, we manage and make it happen for you! Because you matter! If you ever wonder what happens in the Coerco office when you get in touch with us to solve your liquid storage and transportation challenges watch the video and read on!

How does the day start?

Invariably every good day starts with a coffee (for most) and a number of team huddles. This is where we get on the same page about the previous day wins and commit to the new days tasks. Then we are ready for you! 

Customer Service

At your first port of call you will be greeted by our customer service team. This position is a seriously busy little hub answering up to 100 calls a day, taking notes, handing on calls to other teams and answering basic sales enquiries. They also attend to keeping track of sales, invoicing, con-stock, accounts receivable and payable.


Sales Team

Whenever you are looking for a seriously high quality liquid storage or transportation solution you will speak to one of our Sales Team Specialists. We have two teams; one with a focus on our Agriculture and Urban clients and one for our Mining and Industrial Clients. Our Mining & Industrial team have a dedicated design team and work closely with engineers to achieve customised solutions for specific applications.

These teams do not sit still, if you can't get them in the office you will get them when they are on the road (or maybe in the air) visiting our valued partners and introducing our world class range to those that need their lives improved.


Production and Dispatch Teams

When you commit to us, we act, and your order quickly gets into a structured flow of production scheduling and logistics scheduling. No easy task when you consider this part now involves a team operating up to ten rotational mould ovens, a fleet of up to ten dedicated Coerco delivery vehicles. Our logistics team also successfully coordinate deliveries nationally and internationally with our proven network of logistics partners. 

Constant collaboration and tracking allows this team to pinpoint the progress of your order and make it happen when you need it.


Marketing Team

These guys strive to keep you served with the correct information at every one of your touch points with Coerco. This, indeed, starts before you make that initial phone call and follows right through until after your product is delivered. Nothing better they like to see than having that 'water tank' question answered all ready waiting for you when you search online. They also follow-up customers to get feedback which allows us improve what we do Company-wide.

Above all we can't thank enough all our raving fans that want to spread the word online about their exceptional experiences with #teamcoerco.


Keeping it all together, overseeing, mentoring, motivating and providing direction is what the Coerco Management team do and they do it extremely well. The combined years of experience of the management team far exceeds all our competition. Most Management team members have been working at Coerco (formerly Rapid Plastics) for over 20 years. You will find it very hard to get a team that has such unique insights into customer issues, enabling us to provide practical, innovative, cost effective solutions to meet your needs no matter what the size or scale of the your requirement.

Stay with us on this Journey of a Day in the life of Coerco. Next we visit the workshops. Is the missed the first episode with the overview view it here. More to come...

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