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August 21, 2020

Factory Tour with Elders: Behind the Scenes Footage, and More

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Not often do we get to gather under these circumstances, and it has strengthened relationships, allowed for a fascinating exchange of knowledge, and opened up incredible opportunities for Coerco and Elders to service the agricultural community together.

And we can tell you, there was more than just a barbeque involved!


Late last month on the 23rd of July, we had a visit from the Elders staff for an exclusive tour of the Coerco Factory. The purpose of this tour was to give our guests a front row seat to the creation of our poly tanks, from start to finish.

First, we had a look at where a tank’s journey begins, Coerco’s raw material processing plant. This is where we make our own virgin polymer material, which acts as the building blocks for all our poly products. Later, we got up close and personal with massive rotational molding machines that rotate on their axis, also known as “ovens.” It’s quite a sight to see industrial equipment as impressive as this.

One of the most interactive parts of our tour was showing the Elders team the tank assembly department. We had our poly welders giving them a full run down on how exactly poly welding works, and why its strength and durability is incomparable for its purpose in the agriculture sector. It was a fascinating presentation for everyone watching.

Outlet welded into a poly tank
Coerco's Dylan welding an outlet into a poly liquid fertiliser storage tank. 

Like our Elders guests, one of the things you may notice when visiting Coerco is the diversity of people within our workplace. Coerco compromises of people from all walks of life and various parts of the globe. This allows for a diverse exchange of ideas between employees and exposes each other to different cultures, beliefs, and ways of understanding. Which in turn helps our community within Coerco to learn how to work with others under any circumstance, no matter your ethnicity, race, or background. It drives our company to grow every day.

In order to be innovative, we must have perspective, coordination with others, and a steady flow of creative thinking.

Both Coerco and Elders teams joined for a picture during the company factory visit on 23rd July 2020.

A tour as immersive as this couldn’t be complete without a mouthwatering barbeque, cold drink in hand, and a chance to network with important and like-minded people.

Elders and Coerco team watching a video of Coerco's history. 

All in all, the factory tour was an insightful and exceptional experience for everyone, especially for the Coerco team. We are extremely grateful to have had the Elders team make a concerted effort to come out and visit us. It was a perfect afternoon.

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