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April 10, 2018

Case Study - Complete Custom Liquid Transport Tanks for High Productivity

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Modern broad acre farming demands productivity which calls for a range of machines and technology to produce more with less. When conditions are right it is often a fight against time to get the most done before ideal conditions change.

Such is the case at TH Martin & Co where Jarrad Martin has realised the opportunity with investing in one of the largest self-propelled crop sprayers available today.

When you have a crop sprayer that can deliver a work rate of 170ha/hr you need a serious supporting setup to keep this beast in the field. This is where Jarrad had to search for a liquid transport tanks setup to keep his farming productivity at his maximum.


Coerco worked closely with Jarrad to design a setup that had 20,000ltr of liquid fertiliser transport and 10,000ltrs of fresh water and space for IBC's to keep his 9000Ltr sprayer working.


This setup was to have a pump for each tank each with 3" pipework to keep filling and emptying at the fastest and most efficient pace. 

Coerco 3 inch Pump & Pipe Setup



This 30,000ltr liquid transport set was to be easy to remove allowing Martin's to use their drop deck semi for other purposes out of the seeding period. To facilitate this the two liquid fertiliser tanks were fitted onto a heavy-duty galvanised steel skid with fork lift access, simple bolt down system and 4x 2.5-tonne removable jacks. This allows a very quick and easy process of installing the complete skid unit on the semi.

Coerco Liquid Fertiliser Cartage Custom Setup

The 10,000Ltr Water cartage tank was also fitted on heavy-duty galvanised steel skid with forklift access. Being only one tank this is easily lifted by the loader Martins have on their farm. This tank is also perfectly setup to be used for any water cartage requirements at any time of the year on the semi or rigid trucks. 

Coerco 10000Ltr Water Transport Tank


Reliable and Durable

Jarrad was after a unit that is able to handle what ever he throws at it, something that will stand the test of time. With the poly tanks, high-density polyethylene piping and stainless steel pumps and lids, there is no chance of rust causing any issues here.

Poly cartage tanks are also very robust, without the worry of the accidental knock from any machine or movement creating any downtime. Coupled with reliable Honda engines on the pumps this is the perfect solution for keeping your seeding program on track within the ideal time's mother nature dishes out.


Solution to assist Martin's high productivity cropping:

  • Complete Plug and Play Liquid Transport Tank setup with 3" interconnecting pipework for quick filling when the weather is turning against you.
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Skids with Fork Lift Access and Bolt Down Points for easy moving when not in use.
  • 2.5 tonne removable jacks for complete portability of the heavier double tank skid.
  • Heavy Duty HDPE piping, poly tanks and stainless steel pumps for rust free and superior longevity.

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