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August 30, 2019

Coerco Celebrates 100th Google Review!


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We’re proud to announce that with team effort and through our valued customers’ trust, we have reached our 100th Google review!

In celebration of this significant milestone, the entire Coerco team had an early knockoff last Friday. We had some team building activities, and speeches on customer service were delivered to ensure the entire team keeps up the good work!

Coerco speeches

This occasion also gives us the opportunity to pat ourselves a little on the back and gives us more incentive into making you happy!  

Coerco Celebrates 100th Google Review

This is the Coerco Experience! We place great emphasis on quality products and after-sales support in a way that makes a difference in your life. So when we say we continue to deliver beyond delivery, we really do mean beyond delivery. Any manufacturing faults will be immediately fixed, if not replaced!

At Coerco, you can never go wrong!

Check out these pictures from our activities.

Coerco Message Relay

Coerco - let the games begin

Cerco Relay

Nice dance moves! 
Coerco dance moves

More Games!

Team Coerco - more fun and games

It's fun working at Coerco.
Coerco fun

fun at Coerco

Meet the awesome women in our team! 
The women of Coerco

Thank you all once again. Until next time!

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