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September 1, 2020

Coerco Insider Bio: Denise Allan – A Video Diary

Agriculture, Rural

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Meet our very own Denise Allan. Denise works as a Logistics Assistant in our Logistics team for what has been 2 years now–and counting!

Work responsibilities

Denise’s responsibilities entail liaising directly with customers regarding the arrival of their product,” which includes their location, address, and ETA for the arrival of their tank. 


Every day, Denise comes into the office and embodies all the ideals that we believe are essential for the success of the company and our customers which includes having clear daily goals and the utmost dedication to those who we serve. She stays ahead one week in advance and confirm truckloads to give both the customers and production room to have the product ready and delivered accurately and on time.

Customers are my number one priority and I deliver value with that always in mind.

It’s as if country born and bred Denise was always meant to be on our team!

Growing up in Dalwallinu


I grew up in Dally where I have some of my best memories, playing in the bush, swimming in dams, riding motorbikes, camping, and playing sport. 

Living only 2 hours from the outback and 2 hours from the ocean must be a treat. Denise, her brother and sisters pretty much lived in the bush, walking for kilometers at a time, every day, on trails they made over years of trekking to and from the Dally café, friends' houses, and the local swimming pool.  

Early experience in the industry 

Despite having immersed herself naturally in country community from childhood, Denise has an expansive experience in the industry, having continually worked in various agricultural-based companies ever since she was a teenager at her first job as a secretary at Jolly & Sons, now AFGRI.

From working in various Agricultural industries to owning and running a local hardware store, I have gained immense knowledge of the country, and the general needs and demands of our community. 


It's clear that Denise's gratitude for her own experiences and appreciation for the community she’s part of – both at work and outside – fuels her professionally and personally.

 What does Denise think of working for Coerco?

I have watched Coerco expand over the years from a small local brand to a highly sought-after premium brand that is recognized all over Australia as well as overseas. Not only have they expanded their own family business, but they have provided unparalleled employment for our community. Including my husband who is a truck driver for Coerco as well as both of our sons.

Denise's family is everything to her. In her free time, some of the things she likes to do is tend to her garden and cook for her husband, Mike, who’s on the road 80% of the time delivering poly products on the dot.

Denise – we are fortunate to have you as part of our team. Keep up the good work!

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