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September 25, 2018

Coerco Meets Demand for Rise in Liquid Fertiliser - FAQ Video Included

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There has never been a better time to make a regular feature out of a liquid fertiliser storage tank on farms. Fertiliser companies are presently trying to keep up with the demand for liquid nitrogen fertilisers. In Australia, the market for liquid fertilisers is expected to reach USD 645.8 Million by the end of 2024 from USD 488.8 million in 2016.

To help farmers decide on a specific storage tank to use, we’ve provided the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions around Coerco’s liquid fertiliser storage tank.


What size tanks does Coerco make?

To make sure you can find one that suits your needs, Coerco manufactures 25,000-litre and 50,000-litre liquid fertiliser storage tanks.


How many tonnes do they hold?

Our 25,000-litre storage tank has a 32 tonne capacity, while our 50,000-litre tank holds a maximum of 65 tonne capacity.

One 50,000-litre tank can fit into one full road train load plus 7,000 litres of liquid.


How durable are they?

They are durable as durable gets. Our tanks come fresh out of the machine in one piece after moulding. The inlets and outlets are poly welded with upgrades available to reduce filling times. The strength of the poly welded inlet and outlet can bear the weight of the tank itself!

The roof remains intact when tested with the weight of a telehandler with its front wheels off the ground. The roof simply bounces back to its original shape.

In fact, Coerco’s liquid fertiliser storage tank maintains its shape even when hauled and thrown to the ground repeatedly. That would certainly be risky to do to a fibreglass tank, which aren’t as robust as poly tanks. Coerco storage tanks are not only durable but are also approved for liquid storage by all of the major liquid fertiliser companies in Australia. They are ideal for long-term storage, fully UV stabilised to protect their contents, impact resistant, and made with chemical-resistant poly material to ensure longevity and reliability. All aspects of design are founded on careful analysis of structure.


What’s their diameter?

The 25,000-litre storage tanks are 3.95 metres in diameter, while the 50,000-litre storage tanks are 4.6 metres in diameter.


What are their standard fittings?

All our liquid storage tanks are built with the following:

* 2 or 3-inch poly welded inlets

* Lock on dust caps

* 2 or 3-inch poly flanged outlets

* Inlets and outlets are poly welded

* Heavy duty butterfly valve

* Internal suction elbow for emptying to the bottom


These fittings are welded in place with the greatest care and expertise possible. The inside of the tank is clean, seamless, crack-free, and overall simply of the highest quality.


How do they get transported?

Straight from our very own factory, to the yard, onto the trucks, to the place of delivery ready for use, Coerco ensures the tanks remain in excellent and foolproof condition every step of the way. In many cases, Coerco offers free delivery within Western Australia.


What’s their warranty?

Coerco offers a generous 15-year warranty on their liquid fertiliser storage tanks, enough time for farmers to test their efficiency.


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