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June 26, 2019

Introducing Yerecoin Traders [Distributor Spotlight]

Agriculture, Rural

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Roughly 150 km northeast of Perth in WA’s Wheatbelt region sits a country store with a welcoming atmosphere. Yerecoin Traders, a local general store that offers a wide variety of experience, being a  grocery store, a post-office, a café, and a rural supplies depot all rolled into one, is ready to meet you.

Come with us as we get to know Yerecoin Traders and the people behind it a little more.

A Bit of History

Yerecoin before-1

Yerecoin Traders goes all the way back to circa 1967. Twenty years ago, on January 1999, Tim Walker bought the business.

Yerecoin Traders Today

Yerecoin Traders Tim Walker and Amanda Walker

Presently the dynamic duo, Tim and his wife Amanda, runs the family business ready to offer great service to locals, farmers and visitors passing by the Wheatbelt region.

They have 5 dedicated employees whose support is paramount to provide customers that unique Yerecoin Traders experience.


With over 50 suppliers, Yerecoin Traders sell a variety of farm inputs, hardware, rural merchandise, and groceries mostly to farmers who are their main clients. This time of year (June) is usually the busiest for them.

We can imagine, though, that there’s a lot at Yerecoin Traders that everyone from different age groups can also appreciate. Especially since Yerecoin keeps their customers coming back by providing them with the best service possible and making everyone feel welcome.

Relationship with Coerco

Coerco has been a long-time supplier for Yerecoin. So we’ve asked Tim how they find their experience with us as a supplier and how Coerco products are helping their business and, of course, their customers.


Coerco helps us by letting us have consignment stock, by delivering most of our orders direct to the end user and by providing good product support to us and our clients. I find Coerco very easy to deal with, if there are any issues they are dealt with quickly and fairly." – Tim Walker, Yerecoin Traders

Looking Forward

Now, every business person has a goal for the future, and envisioning it helps manifest it!

Tim Walker “hopes to continue expanding our business and to continue being a valued business in our region.”

We’d liked to give a shout out to Yerecoin Traders for being a prime example of the amazing things that can happen when you use your passion to support the local community.

Thank you for trusting Coerco products and best of luck in your endeavors!

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