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June 23, 2020

Examples of Liquid Transport Tank Setups for Maximum Productivity

Agriculture, Liquid Transportation

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Timing plays a crucial role in the success of any business. In Agriculture, when conditions are favourable, you must act immediately before circumstances change. But you can’t strike while the iron is hot if you aren’t prepared.

Preparation is applicable during seeding season as it is in every other activity that requires liquid transport in Agriculture.

Let’s look back at how some of our customers have designed their liquid transport tank setup by utilising poly cartage tanks.

Case # 1


TH Martin Co. needed a liquid transport tank setup that would support and keep up with their large self-propelled crop sprayer.


Coerco worked with Jarrad Martin of TH Martin Co. to design a setup that comprised of the following:

  • 2x 10,000-litre poly liquid fertiliser transport tanks (fitted onto galvanised steel skid with forklift access)
  • 1x 10,000-litre poly water cartage tank (fitted onto galvanised steel skid with forklift access)
  • Bolt down system
  • 4x 2.5-tonne removable jacks
  • A pump for each tank coupled to reliable Honda engines
  • 3-inch pipework

The advantage of this setup:

Poly cartage tanks, in combination with high-density polyethylene piping, stainless steel pumps and lids, and Honda engines, create an overall solid set-up that offers robustness and resistance from damage (e.g. rust and impact) that result in downtimes. This setup helped TH Martin Co. maximise productivity.

Coerco Poly Liquid Fertiliser Cartage Custom Setup

Poly liquid fertiliser tanks fitted onto a heavy-duty galvanised steel skid with fork lift access.


See here for more details on how this setup was done:

Case Study - Complete Custom Liquid Transport Tanks for High Productivity

Case # 2


Hauling water east of Mount Magnet, WA, Ashley found that steel and alloy tanks were incompatible with water cartage especially when it involved rough roads and long distances. Cracks and splits that these tanks incurred required constant repairs that included welding and plating, consequently taking up valuable time and adding to maintenance cost.


  • 5x 10,000-litre cartage tanks set up on a B-train


Polyethylene offers one-piece construction and flexibility. With poly liquid cartage tanks, damage like cracks and splits are held at bay, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of repairs.

Coerco Poly Cartage Tank Testimonial

See more about the benefits of poly liquid cartage tanks here:

6 Important Facts About Liquid Transport Tanks Your Boss Wants to Know

The scenarios above are perfect examples of fulfilling goals by beginning with the end in mind. Identifying your desired outcomes and then being willing to work “backwards” by pinpointing existing challenges and incorporating solutions that bypass each one are keys to success. Indeed, opportunity comes to those who are prepared.

For help with your liquid transport tank setup, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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