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March 20, 2018

External Event Recap - Livestock Expo Sheep Production Day


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Welcome to a recap of one of the events that Coerco was invited to this month. This time it was a Livestock Expo - Sheep Production Day held at the Enneabba Recreational and Sporting Club. This event was hosted by the West Midlands Group and the Eneabba General Store. With a diverse number of topics covered around sheep production, it served well to create a lot of interest and support.


Coerco went to this event to showcase its trusted Coerco Cup & Saucer and to give growers in the region more product knowledge and training. Our sales consultant Adam represented the company at this event and said


"it was a perfect opportunity to connect with farmers in the region and get a greater understanding of the wider challenges they face in their industry"


There is nothing like helping local growers get up to date information that's relevant to their operations and Coerco understands that farmers do not have hours of spare time for research. This was a great opportunity for us to bring what we had to share to the forefront.

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What was on display

5,000Ltr Cup & Saucer

Livestock Expo 2.jpg

Also available was the most recent edition of the Coerco Agriculture Catalogue and some of our relevant product flyers.

Have you seen our new 3,000Ltr Cup and Saucer Livestock Trough? Check it out here.



What we learnt and what we overheard

We learnt a lot about the importance of sheep and how farmers are interested in increasing sheep production in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR).

Perennial grasses are predominantly grown in the sandy soils of the NAR where the land is marginal or unsuitable for cropping.

To be productive, a perennial grass pasture requires a companion legume to improve the feed quality over the winter growing season and provide the nitrogen input to drive productivity.

Feral Dogs are a threat to flocks which need to be taken as a serious issue.



What was everyone buzzing about

The Coerco Cup & Saucer is very well known for being the easiest tank & trough to move around, and we had this confirmed with one of the farmers saying:


“Your cup and saucer tanks are brilliant, so easy to use and move around” 


Coerco would love to help you get more out of your sheep enterprise in less time and with less stress. After all, a Farmer wants a life.

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