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November 3, 2021

New Hose Reel Design a Year in the Making

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As a leader in the water storage industry, Coerco consistently seeks the greatest efficiency from its products through innovation, research and feedback from clients.
This steadfast dedication to quality has led Coerco to release an improved version of its hose reel, which is part of its popular range of compact firefighting units. The new hose reel was developed after 12 months of in-house design and research following feedback from its valued customers.

The original poly framework has been replaced by a laser-cut, hot-dipped galvanised steel frame for a more compact design and smoother operation. Its ergonomic design enables easier use, while the improved handle has created a simpler winding mechanism.




There is also a stronger steel connection between the reel and hose, which will increase the longevity of the unit while still incorporating a strong locking mechanism and the same high-quality hose and nozzle. Although the list of features is long, the price remains the same.

This new hose reel design coincides with a fire report, which predicts Australian summers are set to become drier and hotter. The Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI) collates forty years of climate and weather data from 1978 to 2017.

It reveals that recurring periods of extended dry conditions will also increase the risk of catastrophic bushfires. Higher daytime temperatures and evaporation rates along with lower humidity levels are made worse by lengthy periods of dry conditions and severe droughts.




Parts of Western Australia are susceptible to a faster increase in bushfire risk mainly because of persistently hotter and drier weather. A seasonal climate forecast, released by the Bureau of Meteorology, for June to September 2021 reveals hotter than normal conditions despite a wetter winter.

Bushfires can quickly cause significant loss to crops, livestock and infrastructure such as machinery and fences. Smoke from bushfires can also taint and damage fruit and vegetable crops with wine grapes being particularly vulnerable. Persistently smoky conditions also pose a serious health risk. 

Higher frequencies of grass fires are another growing threat as farms have large areas of land used for broadacre cropping. Grass fires can threaten a farmer’s property and livelihood very quickly, and even the most seasoned farmer can get caught out by the speed of approaching fires. 

A compact firefighting unit is an invaluable resource to keep on a farm to quickly extinguish small fires before they turn into a catastrophe. The unit can form part of a farmers standard procedures to get ready for the bushfire season including mowing, grazing or ploughing around crops, valuable assets and fence lines to prevent fires from entering a property.  

Coerco's compact firefighting units are mounted on a galvanized steel frame with forklift access, the improved hose reels complement the water tanks, which are UV stabilized and manufactured with durable polyethylene. Three tank sizes are available for the compact unit being, 600 litre, 800 litre and 1,000 litre.  

Each tank size includes a sump drain for evacuation of tank contents and a secure screw lid. The galvanised steel hose reel includes a standard 30 metres of 25 millimetre hose with an adjustable nozzle. 

A separate six metre suction hose with a foot valve is also supplied with the unit to allow filling from external sources like dams. The suction hose is stored inside the tank, so it doesn't get lost or take up any additional space. 

With its compact design, the units leave plenty of room at the back of a ute for tools and other equipment needed for day-to-day farming. Backed by a five-year pump end warranty, the Aussie Fire Chief pump is powered by a genuine petrol Honda GX series engine. 

The Honda engine features a three-year commercial warranty while the pump incorporates a replaceable flange suction port as well as discharge ports, which allow easy access for servicing. A heavy-duty, closed impeller provides additional performance while the large body enables fast priming. 

The pump’s impeller, a die-cast aluminum, closed design, is seven and a half inches in diameter, providing real velocity for the pump with more material than its competitors. 

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