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May 8, 2018

Testimonial - Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tank for Efficiency and Flexibility


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We caught up with Kevin Lansdell from Popanyinning about the 50,000Ltr Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tank that he had recently purchased. He goes over the way that moving to liquid fertiliser from granules has given him efficiency and flexibility to feed his crops according to how the season is going. The alternative to liquid fertiliser is fertiliser granules which is fast becoming the less effective way for broad-acre cropping. Here's what Kevin had to say;



Switching to Liquid Fertiliser

There are plenty of advantages when using liquid fertiliser over granular, all of which equate to savings through more efficient and effective cropping. Kevin summed it up well;

"I recently changed into liquid fertilizer in March this year (2017). I ordered a 50,000-liter Flexi-N tank from Coerco."

"Just started recently using Flexi-N. My biggest reason is for flexibility to feed the crop to the season and how the season eventuates. Yeah, unfortunately with urea and all that, you're committed once you put it out if the season cut short or whatever. That's why I've gone over to Flexi-N purely for that reason."


The Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tank of Choice

Coerco’s storage tank range for liquid fertiliser have been taken on and incorporated by leading brand liquid fertiliser producers and farmers alike. Kevin is one of the many farmers who has invested in a liquid fertiliser storage tank manufactured from the highest grade materials and built to give confidence and guaranteed reliability. Kevin's words;

"Yeah, very happy with the tank. I bought the 50,000 litres. The main reason is so I can fit a full road-train into it. I have about 6,000 litres left in the bottom of the tank, and I can order another truckload. Yeah, purely for that reason, flexibility. I definitely recommend this Flexi-N tank, good product, quick fill, quick emptying. I went for the extra three-inch inlet, three-inch outlet purely simply because for the economy of scale. In 10 years time, this product will still be serving me no worries at all because I can go ... I use two-inch suction at the moment, but I can go up to three inches as need be. Yeah, very happy."


Coerco Liquid Fertiliser Tank Options

Coerco liquid fertiliser storage tanks are offered in both 25,000ltr and 50,000ltr single tank units, each with a fully certified design and analysis certification. The 25,000ltr tanks are great for those with smaller cropping programs and for those with larger farms looking to place storage tanks in strategic locations. The big 50,000ltr tank is an ideal unit for bulk on farm storage of all liquid fertilisers.

All storage tanks come standard with 2” inlets and outlets however 3” upgrades are available to reduce filling times. Storage tanks are delivered ready for installation with the operator friendly features which are proven to be an efficient and productive asset to any sowing or spraying programme.


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