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June 22, 2018

Video - Day In the Coerco Yard

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Its big! And its full of hustle. Its the Yard of Coerco! Every work day the day in the Coerco Yard starts early. 5 am to be precise, and that's rain, hail, fog or shine!

This is one the biggest advantages of dealing with Coerco, in fact we are one of the only companies who control the whole process from design to processing of raw materials right through to delivery. Coerco's yard is where the delivery stage kicks off every morning. 

Follow us in the short video below where we show you the variety of activity that happens in our yard every day. 



Every Day starts with our faithful truck drivers rolling in at 5 am along with 2-4 rostered staff to load the deliveries for that day. 

First up we need to unload the raw materials including the high quality hexene polyethylene powder that has been processed at our processing factory. This raw material is carried in bulk bags which is then transferred to our hoppers for weighing into our moulds. Check out our Day on the Ovens to see more of this.


Next up we start the process of loading all the trucks as quickly as possible to allow them to be on the road as soon as the sun is up. A lot of our loads are oversized meaning travelling out of sunlight hours is prohibited. This means that departures in winter are delayed while in the summer the drivers can hit the road much earlier. 


Every product loaded has been prepared in our Assembling and Fabrication Factory. Every product is finished and wrapped for protection where applicable and then labelled with the job number, destination, delivery truck number and all necessary details to ensure full trace-ability of each product. This ensures that where ever your product is in our product line, we have the ability to trace every detail about that product including raw material batch numbers, oven operator details and sign off from assembly and fabrication.


Also in the morning we carry our stock checking and stock picking for a Day on the Ovens and a Day in the Assembly and Fabrication Factory! We are constantly monitory our levels of raw materials and products with our kanban system to ensure we deliver on our promises.


Once the unloading and loading of our delivery fleet is complete, this allows the trucks to hit the road. Some drivers head out on one day trips while others may take two days and some are away all week delivering to our valued customers all over Australia.  Sign up to our News Posts to see what a day on the road with Coerco is like!

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