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October 16, 2018

I Was Even Surprised How Thick It Was - Murray McDonald Video Testimonial

Agriculture, Case Study, Water Tanks

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 Several factors can take a toll on equipment used on highly regarded farms. Factors such as harsh weather temperatures and defects incurred from equipment made of unreliable material can take a toll on how water tanks perform – which is why farmers do their best to avoid these circumstances at all cost. They know that knowing what innovation to invest in pays big dividends when it comes to how water tanks are chosen.






Fortunately, Murray McDonald, a wheat-sheep farmer from Kellerberrin, Western Australia, no longer needs to worry about the crack on his tank. He understands that the harsh weather conditions in Western Australia are partly to blame.


I’ve got an old fiberglass tank over there where the bottom’s cracked because it’s just too thin. . . . Temperature actually plays a big factor on that,” says Murray.


Simply by choosing the right product, Murray can feel secure knowing that a brand of innovation is now a regular feature on his farm, thanks to Coerco. Coerco water tanks are manufactured with a rock-solid commitment to resist impact as well as withstand unpredictable weather and outside temperatures.

Murray, who is vastly impressed with the thickness of his new tank, muses:

 “The thickness of the wall is, you know, absolutely great, I find. . . . This tank behind me, I had to cut an outlet in for the rainwater to come in off the roof and I was even surprised how thick it was, and to me that just summed up what I was being told by them. . . . I think they probably just listen to farmers and found out why tanks weren’t surviving before. . . .” he says.  


Murray understands that a bigger tank is also more efficient, and so he cleverly chose one that is not only strong but also high-volume capacity. Fortunately, Coerco water tanks come in different sizes, shapes, and made to serve different functions.

Because of the thought that went into the tanks’ manufacturing, farmers like Murray can choose any tank suited to their needs from Coerco.  

Tank behind us at the moment’s a 50-thousand-litre tank which I find is a great size. You know the smaller tanks just aren’t having enough supply to, you know, keep up with the sprayers.”


How water tanks are fully optimized and therefore, efficient, depends on their location. And for this Murray is glad of the help he got from Coerco.

You know, in a short space of time it comes off, gets delivered exactly where you want. They’ll help you put it in the right location where your outlets want to be. And they’re always friendly,” says Murray.


Farms rely on the right products and equipment that augment production. And for farmers like Murray, only those who provide strictly certified and reliable products need apply.

“Like all tanks, you know it’s an investment in your property and you know you want to be buying something good and that’s why I’ve stayed where I am buying them. At Coerco,“ says Murray.

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