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March 18, 2024

Wagin Woolorama Field Days 2024 – Recap!

Water Tanks

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As the dust settles on another successful Wagin Woolorama Field Days event, we at Coerco are reflecting on the fantastic experience we had over the weekend. For those unfamiliar, the Wagin Woolorama is a lively affair put on by the Wagin Agricultural Society, showcasing the very best of rural Western Australia. It's a bustling hub of activity where agricultural innovations take center stage.

The field days draw in a diverse crowd, providing an ideal platform for businesses to exhibit their products. It's not just about showcasing what's on offer; it's also a chance for farmers and consumers to engage with manufacturers, creating connections that can benefit everyone involved.

Plus, Wagin's convenient location makes it a breeze for folks from Perth, Albany, and Bunbury to swing by and join in the fun. While the event started slowly on day one due to inclement weather, day two saw a lot of people pouring in, hence things became much busier.

At Coerco's stall, we were thrilled to showcase our 22,500- and 32,000-litre water storage tanks, all available at a special discounted rate.


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After all, water is a precious resource, especially in regions like Western Australia that are no strangers to scorching heatwaves. Having a reliable water reserve can be a game-changer for farmers, ensuring their crops stay hydrated and their livestock have enough to drink even during the hottest of days.

Our tanks are robust, using UV-stabilised polyethylene to withstand the harsh Aussie conditions. From smaller capacities to larger ones, we've got options to suit every need, all backed by optional top-notch fittings to boost their performance and utility.

The team handled several enquiries from people who visited our site, and we were more than happy to share our insights with them as well as walk them through our water storage tank offers. 


With the Wagin Woolorama drawn to a close, we're already looking forward to future opportunities to engage with our community and customers. These events are not just about business; they're about building relationships and supporting our fellow Aussies in their agricultural endeaors. So, until next time, keep an eye out for Coerco on the next field days – see you soon!

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