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March 8, 2024

Wagin Woolorama Field Days Exclusive Offer!

Water Tanks

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Team Coerco is excited to be part of the eagerly awaited and remarkable Wagin Woolorama Field Days! This annual gathering is a cornerstone for the community, offering a platform to share ideas and innovations that propel the agricultural sector forward. 

At Coerco, we recognise the critical role of dependable water storage solutions and we’re happy to unveil our Field Days offer for our 22,500- and 32,000-litre Water Storage Tanks! 

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This special promotion is tailored for farmers like you, who are looking to enhance their water storage capabilities or secure a reliable water supply for their livestock and many more. Our Water Storage Tanks are designed for durability and efficiency, manufactured from UV-stabilised polyethylene to endure the harsh Australian climate and deliver sustained performance. Investing in our Water Storage Tanks means elevating your farm’s water management system, ensuring greater capacity and efficiency. 


Wagin Woolorama Grounds Field Days 2024


Don't let this chance slip by! Join us at site #53, where our dedicated Coerco team will be delighted to guide you through our special offer and how our solutions can benefit your farming operations. 

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