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March 17, 2020

Woolorama 2020 proved to be an exciting good old country experience

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It’s a wrap for the 48th Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama and 117th Wagin Agricultural Show held last week. Coerco has represented at the trade show with our own stand for the second time in two succeeding years.

A warm and welcoming weather made for some great conversations from visitors both from the rural community and some even coming in from Perth! This goes to show how the rural agricultural industry is all-pervading and isn’t unique to rural folks.

At our stand we’ve had some good inquiry regarding our products including the most recently improved models in our arsenal: our Diesel Storage Tank, which was improved late last year, and our Cup and Saucer tank combo.

Coerco Cup and Saucer at the Wagin Woolorama 2020
Coerco Cup and Saucer

The Cup and Saucer combo have gained quite the attention as alternative water storage for farmers who have yet to get some rain and whose dams have now dried up. (We’ve heard some farmers have been getting some rain, though — which is great!)

Overall, the mood was optimistic with many farmers interested in new water infrastructure, diesel storage, and liquid fertiliser storage. It’s good to witness farmers being positive about the new season despite the usual challenges.

Coerco Diesel Transport and Storage products at the Wagin Woolorama 2020

(Left) Sump based diesel transport tank and (right) Diesel storage tank at the
Wagin Woolorama 2020.

Coerco liquid fertiliser storage tank at the Wagin Woolorama 2020

Coerco liquid fertiliser storage tanks at the Wagin Woolorama trade show. These tanks
are approved and recommended by all major liquid fertiliser suppliers.

Thanks to all those who dropped by! The Coerco team has met a lot of our very own customers who have a large amount of Coerco products and we appreciate hearing some very positive feedback from them.

Coerco’s ultimate business goal is to extend good old country service, something you are sure to get from a rural based manufacturing company run by rural people.


Many of our key managers have farming experience themselves, and they utilise their knowledge to ensure our products are exactly what farmers need: resilient and trustworthy.

Give us a call for any of your liquid storage and transport needs!

As an aside, this might be the only agricultural Field Day this year as the rest of Australia work on minimising social gatherings. We must all do our part to slow the spread of the virus, mustn't we? Hopefully, as a result, we might be able to buy enough time for our professionals to develop a more long-term solution. We can do this! 

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