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November 13, 2020

Why Choose Coerco Compact Firefighting Equipment?

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If you think about the emotional, economical, and environmental devastation of bushfires, you’ll understand why fire fighting equipment
are a must for agricultural fire safety. Fires cost Australians approximately $8,500 million AUD every year, or about 1.15% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). That breaks down to about $420 AUD for every person in the country.

We can't completely prevent fires from happening. But there’s no denying that one of the most immediate ways that you can respond to, and prevent, a full-blown bushfire on agricultural land is through the use of a fire fighting system that’s ideal for rural use: like a compact firefighting equipment.

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See why Coerco’s compact fire fighting units are the best choice for immediate response.

  1. Space-Saving Design

    Coerco’s portable compact firefighters are designed to take up less tray space than traditional units, which means more space on your tray for other important items.

  2. Portability

    In the realm of bushfires, the portability of a compact fire fighting equipment cannot be underestimated. Coerco’s compact mobile units are easy to move around, giving you the benefit of immediacy. Designed as a ute-mounted unit, Coerco compact firefighters are easy, quick, and straightforward to install on the back of your ute, saving you precious time.

    The sooner you get into the scene of the blaze, the better chance you have of putting out fire or preventing it from going any further.

  3. Ease of use

    The chances of using portable fire preventive products more efficiently increases with easy-to-use, modern fire fighting equipment. When it’s simple to use, it reduces time and effort and leaves the rest of your energy and concentration free to tackle the most important part of the job: mitigating fire.

  4. Puncture and impact resistance

    The tank on our compact firefighters is made of LLDPE (low linear density polyethylene) which is known for its high puncture resistance and impact absorption. So regardless of the rugged terrain, the distance, or the rough and tumble as you hastily mount our compact firefighter on the back of your ute, you won’t have to worry about losing water due to tank damage, which can cause further delays.

  5. Secure repair or replace warranty

    Our compact firefighter units come with a secure 5-year repair or replace warranty that ensures free from defects in design or errors in workmanship and assembly.

Coerco compact fire fighting products are available in the following sizes:

Bushfire can start unpredictably, spread quickly, and change direction suddenly, that’s why every second counts.

Having an easily accessible fire fighting unit is a priceless investment when considering the value of what you are protecting: your family, home, farm business, and entire community.

Better prepared than dared.

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