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March 19, 2019

A Show of Unity at the Quade AgriServices Agronomy Update

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Receiving an invitation to participate at the annual Quade AgriServices Agronomy Update (held at the Wylie Rec Centre, Wyalkatchem on 13th March) and be amongst forward-thinking companies and hardworking farmers who have the farming industry’s best interest at heart and in mind was an opportunity we, at Coerco, couldn’t resist.


The agronomy meeting was a great program to get industry-related updates, rich with a variety of topics including the introduction of new products that are going to be available in time for the coming seeding season and other topics suitable to 2019’s cropping season.


Attendees, including fifty farmers from Koorda, Dowerin, Cadoux, Bencubbin, Wongan Hills, Cunderdin, and Wyalkatchem, took part in the delightful event capped in the evening by wood fired pizzas, prawns and drinks.


attendees at the Quade AgriServices Agronomy Update where Coerco participated

Attendees having a chat at the Quade AgriServices Agronomy Update 


A review of the numbers and yields from last year’s harvest season took place, and several speakers readily took the platform to provide the latest news and advancements in cropping.


Bernie Quade of Quade AgriServices reviewed 2018 season trends and discussed plant density (seeds per sqm), rainfall, and paddock setup & preparation (deep ripping soil and spraying). He also introduced new chemical products from BASF and rightly stressed the  importance of maintaining a clean paddock free of weeds and fungi.


Dave from FMSA, who sells products such as small pipe tubes, joiners, separators, and solenoids, spoke about seeder bar setups for liquid fertilisers.


Local farmer Stuart, who was a representative from BAYER, spoke about a newly developed canola seed called TruFlex Canola. It has 2 additional gens: one for more protein and the other one for providing the canola plant more resistance against Glyphosate, a component used for spraying.


attendees mingling at the Agronomy Update particibated by Coerco

Attendees participating in discussion over food and drinks at the event.


Bayer currently has a program that allows for the monitor of canola for the next 3 years that allows canola farmers to manage low growing season rainfall. 


Once seeded, all you need to do is log in the GPS location of a paddock and it gets linked to the Bureau of Meteorology in WA, so you get a rainfall calculation specific to your area. Other weather conditions such as frost and sunshine also get taken into account.


Shane Page from Landmark Fertiliser announced that Landmark will continue growing their Liquid Fertiliser business and that they have the financial resources to make it big with 60 outlets all spread across the state. He mentioned, however, that there have been supplying issues with sulphate ammonia since the end of last year.


Bob Nixon, who is involved with the Liebe Group for research purposes (they’ve installed cameras in the ground to monitor root growth), discussed what they do on their farm and the success that they have.


The following organizations represented and proudly put their products on display:


  • Philmac had on display their float valves and fittings.
  • Tanuki showcased their product, Verno. Micro granules that are added to water and is used as an effective way to apply micro-nutrients.
  • Kincrome brought an array of tools.
  • FMC had their product information on display.
  • FMSA brought products for fertiliser applications in the seeding or ploughing process.


Companies at the Agronomy Update


Suppliers who attended the event included Loveland, Dyna-Gro, Bayer, FMC, Landmark Fertiliser, Kincrome, Philmac, and Syngenta.


After the presentation, everyone was buzzing about liquid fertilisers, their lead times and prices, as well as livestock farm equipment and machinery.


Overall it was an engaging and worthwhile event for us at Coerco to take part in.


Coerco stand and products on display at the Agronomy Update

Coerco stand with a slimline water tank and an ultra tub trough on display with some Coerco freebies. 


The success of last season’s harvest is a great inspiration and sets a precedent for future harvest successes. More than just a meeting or update, the Quade AgriServices Agronomy Update meeting was a great display of unity and camaraderie among not just innovators but also farmers.

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