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April 16, 2020

Coerco – Contributing to Growth in Dalwallinu, Reliable in Unpredictable Times


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All over rural Australia, towns are suffering from a dwindling population that has created a domino effect in many different areas that hold these communities together. Shires have seen their youth move out to the cities in search of different opportunities, suffer underutilisation of town facilities, or worse, the closure of these facilities including schools, shops, pubs, and sporting infrastructure.

When it comes to this all-pervading issue that rural towns face, Dalwallinu is an exception.

Through the Regional Repopulation Project (RRP), the Shire of Dalwallinu has attracted international migrants. New residents from the Philippines, Ireland, Vietnam, Thailand, Africa, and New Zealand, just to name a few, have helped stave off the dreaded population decline as they contribute their expertise to different employment fields all throughout the shire, ultimately contributing to its growth and stability.

Coerco couldn’t be prouder to have its home base in Dalwallinu. As a grassroots company servicing the rural community, we’re happy to see our locality thrive. We do our part by helping farmers’ job a little bit easier by manufacturing reliable liquid storage and transport products and providing job opportunities to locals and skilled migrants alike.

Today, Coerco enjoys a multicultural workforce which, among other things, helps to drive innovation.

We believe farmers are the backbone of society.
Thus, it’s also important for us to support those who support farmers. Last year we provided compact fire fighting units to the Liebe Field Day to help participants improve their firefighting knowledge.

Far from providing support only in our own backyard, we saw another opportunity to help by donating fuel to a hay-carting operation bound for Meekatharra last year.

Hay carting operation

Hay bound for Meekatharra. 

The desire to serve the rural region is also innate in many of our team members. Some of our employees, utilising their own Coerco firefighting units, responded to a lightning-generated bushfire that took place in several localities, including Dalwallinu, in late 2018. This event was one of the catalysts that prompted us to make twin-impeller pumps the standard in all our firefighting units.

Coerco compact firefighting unit

One of the compact firefighting units used during the bushfire.

Because our founders and many key people in the company are rural born themselves, producing world-class products and services for the benefit of the rural agricultural community is not just an important job for us but an extremely fulfilling one.

In challenging times, we only need to look to each other for support, motivation and comfort, and remember the things that make us strong.

Our strength lies not just in our numbers but also in the contribution we collectively make that improves lives in our local shire and beyond.


Welcome to The Shire of Dalwallinu from SkyworksWA on Vimeo.

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