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January 10, 2019

No stress… To Be Honest - Fire Fighting Unit Video Testimonial by Tim Barndon

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Farmer who has been out of farming for almost two decades is satisfied with first ever fire fighting unit. Tim Barndon, from Terradonna Farming Co. in Kulin, has been out of farming for years and is now back on track – ready to fight and protect. 


Coerco’s firefighter was the first firefighting equipment they’d bought after they returned to the passion and business of farming – and they’ve had it for four seasons now. We've asked Tim what he uses his firefighter primarily for and the answer was clear: practically all farmers these days need firefighting equipment and he also wants to help.

For firefighting situations, that's the biggest thing . . . Been out on countless fires throughout certain districts . . . to help others . . . it's obviously helped us as well.
Tim Barndon, Terradonna Farming Co.


With the risk of bushfires ever a constant presence, having a firefighting unit serves as a precautionary measure necessary for a farm’s longevity. Tim is now farming 3,000 hectares of wheat, canola, lupins, barley, and oats after a 15-year gap.

Indeed, having a firefighting unit is one of the wisest and most practical things to do to secure a layer of protection against prevalent bush fires when you have a livelihood to protect.

The Search for the Right Fire Fighting Unit

1. It all boils down to knowing who to approach and who to rely on.
Tim, who had searched for several fire fighting units for sale before finally settling on the right one, is fully satisfied with our compact firefighter.


A simple design, hose reels, plastic  . . .  motor, obviously your general Honda which is just excellent to run. Lid strain on the top, no stress in hell to be honest mate . . .  it's just quite simple, robust, not too much stuff hangin' around it.

2. You don’t have to waste too much time deciding which fire fighting equipment to pick or waste effort on a DIY fire fighting unit when you can save time by choosing reliable and innovative firefighters designed with the end goal of serving farmers and the whole of the agriculture community. 

3. A fire fighting unit for your farm doesn’t need to be over-complicated. If it does the job it’s designed to do and does it well (e.g. it's easily configured to your preference such as where you want to place it on your ute; it's adaptable and robust), then you're a step closer to having peace of mind. 

On our ute we've got a toolbox on the left side which is quite large. . . I actually turned mine on the side, so it runs parallel to the right side of my driver's side. Better obviously for me, you know when we need to get it out, we can grab the hose reel quite quick. Tim Barndon, Terradonna Farming Co.

When you’ve got farmers like Tim around, who understand that participating in community efforts to fight fire involves being equipped with the right tools, then the whole farming community and beyond is in good hands. 

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