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July 30, 2020

Product Spotlight: Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks

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The demand for liquid fertiliser continues to grow, having been projected to reach USD 645.8 million by the end of 2024 from 2016’s USD 488.7 million. Liquid fertiliser manufacturers have responded to the market’s high demands for innovative methods, investing heavily in research for better-performing formulations.  

As a rural-based company focusing on designing and manufacturing innovative liquid fertiliser tanks for rural agriculture, Coerco makes sure we stay abreast with the very issues you face, so we can respond to your demands with trustworthy solutions that will tick one thing off your worry list.

Get acquainted with Coerco's Liquid Fertiliser Tanks below!

Coerco Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks: Durability & Standard Fittings




1. Calibrated Liquidator Tank Level Gauge 

For easy viewing of fertiliser contents, these level gauges aren't just suitable for liquid chemical tanks but also for water tanks. 

2. Poly welded fill pipe / fill line

This is safely anchored by the poly welded support bracket in order to minimise the possibility of it inadvertently getting detached from getting bumped by a vehicle or piece of equipment.

3. Ny-glass camlock fitting with camlock dust cap

This chemical-resistant camlock system is strategically placed for convenient, safe, and quick fill-ups of your spray unit.

The poly ball valve below the camlock ensures safe evacuation of excess liquid fertiliser, and thus, operator safety.

4. Poly flanged outlet

The outlet is situated close to the  bottom of the tank, and is attached to an internal elbow suction on the inside of the tank to facilitate evacuation of contents.

5. Butterfly valve

Heavy duty, reliable, low-maintenance, and precise.

6. Internal suction elbow for emptying the bottom

All fittings (butterfly valves, flanged outlets, and all other components) are impervious to the corrosive quality of liquid fertiliser and other chemicals. 


Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks Features


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Coerco Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks Now with 15 Year Warranty
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